Is Billy Corgan Dating One Of The Veronicas?

Billy Corgan & Jessica Origliasso

For an alternative-rock dinosaur, that Billy Corgan sure gets around. A year after he ironically hit the Bravo A-List Awards with Tila Tequila—and a few months after his rumored dalliance with Jessica Simpson—the most Smashing of Pumpkins is now reportedly making music with Jessica Origliasso of the Veronicas. Dude loves his pop!

Origliasso was photographed holding hands with Corgan all over her home of Sydney, Australia this weekend, where the pair were occasionally joined by Jessica’s sister and bandmate Lisa, a former member of Joe Jonas‘ clone love triangle. See more photos of Beauty and the Billy in the gallery below.

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Demi Lovato Is Joe Jonas’ Latest Clone Lover

Joe Jonas, Camilla Belle, Lisa of the Veronicas and Demi Lovato

Joe Jonas may have changed his haircut, but he hasn’t changed his type. Demi Lovato finally admitted on Billy Bush‘s radio show that she’s dating her old Camp Rock co-star. “He is my best friend and he is incredible,” she explained. “He treats me to the most amazing places…He’s perfect.” Quite a sharp turn from November’s “I can swear on my career that I’m not” denial! The fact that the pair have worked together professionally since 2008 adds a new wrinkle to last year’s rumored relationships with Camilla Belle (left) and the VeronicasLisa Origliasso (right). Was he seeking out Lovato look-a-likes rather than a female version of himself all along? See photos of the new couple in the gallery below.

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Joe Jonas In Clone Love Triangle?

belle, jonas and origliasso

Is Joe Jonas trading one clone for another? The middle JoBro was spotted having dinners and watching a rugby game with Lisa Origliasso of Australian teenpoppers The Veronicas in Sydney over the last week—less than a month after Jonas attended a Dodgers game with girlfriend Camilla Belle. Play ball!

The musicians became “friends” when the two bands toured together last year, and Origliasso is allegedly seeing the singer of Aussie rock band Carney, but Belle may still have reason to worry. A) Joe clearly has a thing for dolled-up female versions of himself—it’s really kind of creepy. B) The 24-year-old Veronica might be just the kind of rocker hussy to tarnish this teen’s purity ring. And Joe wouldn’t necessarily be a gentleman about moving on, either—just ask Taylor Swift.

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