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The 20 Best Photos Of The 20 Best Boy Bands Of The Past 20 Years

Is there anything in the world more beautiful than a boy band? The gel-heavy hairdos. The choreographed moves. The matching outfits (so often suits, so often made of leather). The cuddly, goofy photo ops. Being in a boy band isn’t just a job, it’s an art form. As someone who once cried in the middle of 40,000 screaming girls when Donnie Wahlberg sang “Cover Girl,” seeing them perform live can be a life-changing experience. (NKOTB 4ever.)

Our friends over at MTV are honoring this special species of man music with their Battle of the Boy Bands, and the final round of voting begins today. In honor of the competition we’ve selected the best photos of the best boy bands of the past 20 years for you to swoon/LOL/and get nostalgic over. Be sure to view the pics while listening to our boy band playlist, featuring some of our favorite boy band jams.

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The Wanted Continue Their Bad Boy Campaign, Say They Weren’t Allowed to Look At Britney Spears

The Wanted are such bad boys, ya’ll! Bad boys with great hair who sing in dulcet harmonies and just need one special lady to reveal the gentle lamb within. That’s the P.R. angle The Wanted is currently working with, right? Why else would the British band have “gone rogue” and revealed a super-unflattering detail about opening for Britney Spears? “We signed a confidentiality thing that we should never say anything about what happened, but let’s tell it anyway,” bandmember Tom Parker (always the troublemaker!) told Fresh 102.7. Added Siva Kaneswaran, “I was in the hallway with me tour manager. Basically we were looking with a laptop, trying to get WiFi, and we were facing the middle of the hallway. Her bouncers came down with her and told us to face the wall . . .” Interjected Tom, “As Miss Spears is walking through. We’re like, come on!” Wow, revealing that a famous person did something weird? Bad Boys 4 Lyfe!

The boys spilled their Britney dirt mere days after the band ripped on Christina Aguilera, which makes us think this whole thing has to be an ingenious publicity campaign designed to appeal to the 13-year-old girl in all of us. That’s the only explanation we can see for all the spots The Wanted has been blowing this past week! Unfortunately for them, Xtina and Brit Brit are not middle schoolers anymore. And their days of putting up with bad boys are long, long, long over.

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The Wanted Non-Apologize For Calling Christina Aguilera A “Scary” “B—“

The Wanted know it was wrong to say all those hurtful things about The Voice judge Christina Aguilera last week. It’s just that, well, maybe if she hadn’t had been such an awful witch, they wouldn’t have had to put her on blast in public?  That seems to be the gist of the British boy band’s not-an-apology apology to Xtina, anyway, and we are not having it. “We shouldn’t have said it, to be honest with you,” bandmember Tom Parker told TMZ. A reasonable conclusion, Tom! Unfortunately, he went on to add: “We just think manners cost nothing, you know what I mean?” Is he seriously calling in to question Christina’s manners right now? Well, you know what else doesn’t cost anything, Tom? Not calling someone the b-word. Look, we’re not saying it right now, and it isn’t costing us a penny!

Xtina has so far remained silent on the whole debacle, which started last week when The Wanted started throwing shade about her on New York’s 92.3 NOW. “Maybe she’s not a b— in real life, but she was a b— to us,” Parker snarked at the time. Considering Christina stayed mum when Kelly Osbourne went after her for getting “fat,” we doubt Xtina will come out swinging any time soon. Though do you know how easy it would be to verbally take down a boy band? Start with their 4-year-long careers, segueing onto acne and work it on down, girl!

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The Wanted Call “Scary” Christina Aguilera A “Total B—” Following The Voice Appearance

Whoa! What is with the manners on boy bands these days? You never heard 98 Degrees talking smack about…well, it would have been Christina Aguilera back then too. In a recent interview with New York’s 92.3, the British lads of The Wanted started ripping on Xtina after what was apparently a very chilly appearance on The Voice last week. “She’s a total b—-!” bandmember Tom Parker declared, before conceding, “She might not be a b—- in real life, but she was a b—- to us. She just sat there and didn’t speak to us. Wouldn’t even look at us.” Man, as if we didn’t miss sweethearts like the Backstreet Boys already. Which we totally did!

We guess The Wanted have always been a little edgier than pop sweet hearts like Justin Bieber, but this level of douchiness seems totally uncalled for. Unless Christina Aguilera personally spat on each and everyone one of their microphones before the show, we don’t really get where all this rage is coming from. In case we didn’t get how gross the guys though Christina was, Max George took time out to contrast “scary” Aguilera with American Idol‘s lady judge Jennifer Lopez. “Yeah, well J.Lo’s hot,” he laughed. “Christina’s nothing special.”  Ew you guys. Boyz II Men would be so ashamed of all of you.