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Christina Aguilera/ Tony Lucca Voice Feud Due To Childhood Crush, Says Ex-Mickey Mouse Clubber

Christina Aguilera Tony Lucca Feud Due To Childhood Crush, Ex-Costar Says

It was over at The Voice this week, after judge Christina Aguilera started beef by questioning finalist (and former Mickey Mouse Club costar) Tony Lucca‘s decision to sing Jay-Z‘s “99 Problems.” Xtina felt his choice of song was “‪derogatory to women‬,” a critique Lucca found to be “pathetic.” But of course it couldn’t just be a simple disagreement, could it? It had to be...something more intriguing. According to yet another former Mickey Mouse clubber Dale Godboldo, Christina is out to get Lucca…because he wasn’t into her while they were Mouseketeers. “Britney [Spears] was in love with him. Christina was in love with him. Mylin was in love with him,’ Goldboldo told TMZ about Lucca, adding “All of this madness was not brought on by Tony.” To which we have to say…whaaaaaaa?

Maybe we’re just feeling protective of Christina after The Wanted called her a “b—“ and Kelly Osbourne ripped on her for being “fat,” but this accusation seems like the height of insanity. Fortunately, the two buried the hatchet at the show’s season finale last night. “She just wanted to clear the air a bit,” Lucca, who lost to winner Jermaine Paul, told Us Magazine, explaining  that Aguilera “apologize[d] that this became much more of a dramatic thing than she ever intended it.” Does that sound like a woman with an insane 20-year crush? If Christina sincerely had it out for this guy because he wouldn’t date her when they were 12 years old, she would basically be super villain. And if that were true…well then, she would be even more fabulous than we thought she was and we’d be right back where we started from!

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