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Style Seen: Tori Amos’ Shoes Probably Could Crucify You

It’s been some time since we used to scream Tori Amos songs at the top of our lungs in our bedroom every time we were mad at our parents/boys/the world, but the powerful singer/songwriter will never lose that place in our hearts. She stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live last week, when her latest tour stopped in New York to promote her new classical music album, Night of Hunters. And we were thrilled to note that the 48-year-old is still as quirky, cool and inspiring as ever. Check out what she wore…
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Tori Amos Doesn’t Foresee Lady Gaga’s Staying Power


Tori Amos is sort of like the matriarch of eccentric pop stars, but she has some criticism for Lady Gaga, who she fears has more style than substance. The 46-year-old Amos has been in the public eye for over twenty years, but she doesn’t think someone like Gaga has such staying power.

Amos explained, “She’s what I call a meteor – singers who entertain people for a while. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. But then there are people like Neil Young who show up at Glastonbury 40 years into their career. And that’s a very different kind of artist. Neil Young doesn’t have to get his bum out on stage!” Now we have a mental image of Neil Young in chaps, thanks for that, Tori.

She’s not entirely critical though, as she thinks Lady Gaga does have a place in entertainment right now. “She wants to entertain people. Right now, half the world is depressed and they need to be entertained. So her timing’s perfect.” We agree with Tori, but at the same time, no one could have predicted the longevity and appeal of a redheaded songstress who regularly credits faeries for helping her write her music. [Photos: GettyImages]


Top 10 Diss Songs In Pop Music

With a raspberry and plenty of nyah nyah nyahs, “So What” has put Pink back where she belongs — on top of the charts. And so what, indeed, to her ex-husband Carey Hart, referred to in unfavorable terms throughout the song. Pink isn’t the only one to turn her pain into artistic profit. As Kid Rock explains in “Half Your Age,” “You thought I was just gonna sit back and take it on the chin / But honey, I’m a songwriter …” Here are ten other tracks that prove revenge is a dish best set to music. — Charles Bottomley

10. “Survivor” (2001)

Slingin’ mud: Destiny’s Child, multi-platinum for Beyonce Knowles and other hirelings.

Smeared! LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson, who were unceremoniously booted from the band in 2000.

Ouch! “You thought I wouldn’t sell without you / Sold nine million.”

See you in court? Oh yes. Luckett and Roberson sued Beyonce and her father manager, claiming the lyrics violated a confidentiality agreement.

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