Vanilla Ice Responds To Miley Cyrus

As Miley Cyrus continues her media blitz surrounding the release of her new album, Bangerz, she has stirred up controversy with Vanilla Ice. In her Rolling Stone interview, she said:

[Justin Bieber]’s trying really hard. People don’t take him seriously, but he really can play the drums, he really can play guitar, he really can sing. I just don’t want to see him f-ck that up, to where people think he’s Vanilla Ice. I tell him that. Like, ‘You don’t want to become a joke.’

Delaina Dixon tells The Gossip Table that Vanilla Ice has responded to Cyrus’ shade.

I think they both need a little bit of advice. It’s a tough world out there especially the artificial one they’re living in.

He advices that both need to chill out and relax before they turn into living examples of Cyrus’ hit song, “Wrecking Ball.” Suddenly, Mr. Ice is the voice of reason and Lindsay Lohan is clean and sober. What’s happening in the world?  Read more…

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8 Mile Turns 10 Years Old Today! Take A Look Back At Our 20 Favorite Rappers Turned Movie Stars

The 20 Greatest Rappers Turned Actors

When we were freshmen in high school ten years ago, Eminem’s portrayal of  struggling rapper Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith (A.K.A. himself) in 8 Mile was an inspiration. The monster hit “Lose Yourself” from the soundtrack became our personal pump up jam to run laps during gym class, and gave us the confidence to take that “one shot” and ask Jenna to the prom, try out for the class play, or pass that chem test! Plus it was also notable for changing the way we thought of the phrase “mom’s spaghetti” forever.

However as we got a little older, we realized the one shot ol’ Marshall Matthers was rapping about was much more serious than our day to day high school drama. It was about reconciling hopes and dreams with growing up and responsibility, all against the bleek Detroit backdrop. By no means a quick flick rushed out to capitalize on his skyrocketing fame, Eminem gave an incredible performance, made all the more amazing considering it was his first movie!

But Eminem is by no means the only rapper who tried his hand at acting. In fact, it seemed like every MC has made the jump to films at one time or another. Some totally killed it and became a successful multi-talented crossover artist, while others…made Soul Plane. So in honor of Em’s epic 8 Mile turning 10 years old today, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of our favorite rappers-turned-movie stars over the years. Enjoy!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legacy Continues — But Where Are The Movies’ Stars Now?

Now that Nickelodeon is rebooting the uber-popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, beginning this Saturday morning, a whole new generation will be shouting “Cowabunga!” as they imagine a life of fighting crime and eating pizza. Rob Paulsen, who voiced Raphael in the 1987 cartoon series, is back as Donatello, and he told VH1 and fellow stars Jason Biggs, Sean Astin and Greg Cipes about the privileges associated with being a turtle. “When you work on something this iconic … you make a phone call to a child in a hospital, or you show up at a friend’s kid’s birthday party or you go show up in the hospital — whatever it is, the impact that the Turtles have on children is so profound, way beyond action figures, ratings, all of that,” he said. “I now get email and notes from people I talked to 20 years ago.”

We’re happy to see Paulsen back doing what he loves, but that got us wondering what has become of the stars of the equally beloved and maligned TMNT movies of the ’90s. Those live-action flicks featured appearances by the likes of Vanilla Ice, Elias Koteas and Paige Turco, not to mention the voice talents of Corey Feldman and Kevin Clash, whom many of you might know as the voice of Elmo. Take a look at the career highlights of a number of the stars of the first three movies, and then relive a little of your childhood magic by tuning in to TMNT this Saturday!

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Miley Cyrus Debuts Her Teddy Roosevelt Inspired Tattoo. Yup, Add That To Our List Of WTF Celebrity Ink

Miley Cyrus gets a Teddy Roosevelt tattoo

Ke$ha topped the list of our 20 Worst Celebrity Tattoos a few weeks back when she proudly displayed her inner lip ink reading “Suck It” on instagram. But now the dollar-signed-one might have some competition in Miley Cyrus, who was seen today showing off her new Theodore Roosevelt-inspired tattoo. We say “might,” because honestly we’re not sure how to feel about it. Body art inspired by our 26th president isn’t something we come across on a regular basis. On one hand, we guess it’s a pretty cool quote taken from a 1910 speech in which he said “So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” But on the other hand…what? And furthermore, WTF? We know you’re just being Miley, but damn. Maybe she’s still feeling the patriotism from her 4th of July festivities. Head on down to the gallery below to see more celebrity tattoos that left us scratching our heads!

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Ke$ha’s New Mouth Ink Tops Our 20 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Ke$ha Mouth Tattoo

Ke$ha, you’ve won again. You always do. Though never with a disturbing orifice tattoo before. “New tattoo!” the singer proclaimed on Instagram, displaying both her new “Suck It!” inner lip tattoo and what appears to be a gold toof. While we need some time to wrap our heads around why and to what purpose Ke$ha would get the inside of her mouth inked (Is it a command? To whom? Is it a reminder? It’s a reminder, isn’t it?), we only needed to see the photo for a millisecond to crown her queen of the bad celebrity tattoos, joining the likes of Gucci Mane‘s ice cream cone face ink and Hayden Panettiere‘s misspelled torso tattoo.

Don’t feel bad, every other famous with an awful tattoo! We probably just don’t know about your mouth art yet. Let us know, please; it’s what Instagram is for. In the meantime, everyone else can take a gander at our worst celebrity tattoo gallery. With Ke$ha at the lead, it looks like ya’ll need to start upping your bad tattoo game…

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Susan Sarandon In Talks To Play Andy Samberg’s Sexy Mom, This Time On Film

There are worse things for a sixty-something actress than being typecast as Andy Samberg‘s sexy mom.  The Hollywood Reporter says that Susan Sarandon in talks to teacher Mary McGarrigle, who hooks up with Adam Sandler in their new movie, I Hate You, Dad. Leighton Meester will play Samberg’s fiancee, who fights with Sandler after the titular dad moves into his son’s apartment all wacky-like, while Vanilla Ice and Ian Ziering both play wacky, fictional versions of themselves. With that much winking self-awareness, how can this not be a hit?

As digital short enthusiasts know, Sarandon has already played Samberg’s mom in the classic clip “Mother Lover,” where she gets her freak on with Justin Timberlake while Andy’s busy satisfying JT’s mom, Patricia Clarkson. It’s not quite clear if Sarandon would be Samberg’s mom or his stepmom, but either way she’d be a major asset to the film. People have been paying to see her seduce younger men since Bull Durham and White Palace! The question, if anything, is why she’d bother with Sandler.

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Vanilla Ice Is Mime Captain Hook

Somehow, rapping the theme song for a gang of mutated reptile ninjas in TMNT II: Secret Of The Ooze was not the most bizarre moment in the Ice Ice Baby rapper’s career. Reportedly Vanilla Ice’s Captain Hook will premiere at the  Kent Central Theatre in England next December. Is a heavily tattooed one-hit-wonder playing a pirate from a children’s story not random enough for you? How about if the show was done entirely in pantomime? And Captain Hook rushes to the top of the WTF list!

Playing a mime villain definitely trumps Ice on Dancing On Ice, as well as his role as Heckler #3 in 2010’s Big Money Rustlas, the plot description of which reads, “In the Wild West town of Mudbug, Sheriff Sugar Wolf arrives to confront an over-the-top villain, Big Baby Chips.” We wish we were joking. “He has never performed in a pantomime before, but I am sure he will go down as a hit,” Kent manager Tony Hill thinks for some reason. “Ice is a huge name who I am sure will be a real draw for parents and children alike.” Hmm, this seems like Ice is intentionally messing with us. That’s fine; we can roll with that. We look forward to his collaboration with Bjork and forays into kabuki theater next spring.

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Charlie Sheen Ticket Sales Hurting, But Vanilla Ice Still Loves Him

Turns out America may not be as excited to see Charlie Sheen rant on stage for 70-minutes as originally thought. Despite word of early sell-outs for his upcoming tour, CNBC says scalpers are selling Sheen tickets for less than face value. Could it be that watching the sitcom actor’s public meltdown was a less than committed interest for Joe Average? Whether it’s because people no longer think they’ll see the seemingly calming Sheen implode—or they don’t actually want to be there when he does—it’s possible that America’s love affair with tiger blood may be fading fast.

One person who does still care about Charlie is Vanilla Ice, who suggested Sheen sign up for England’s Dancing On Ice, on which ‘Nilla placed 7th. “Charlie Sheen on Dancing on Ice would be great—it would lick him into shape. Charlie doesn’t know his purpose. He’s got all the money in the world, just like me. But it doesn’t matter about money. It’s about your purpose in life and your stability—and he has none of that…I wanted to give him advice because he has kids.” Charlie may not appreciate it now, Ice, but someday he’ll remember that you suggested he join a British reality ice skating competition, and realize that the love he was searching for was here all along.


Vanilla Ice Injured On UK Ice Skating Reality Show

See? Vanilla Ice is still a bad-ass, right down to the shaved eyebrow. The rapper showed off a boo-boo he received in rehearsals for Dancing On Ice, an ice skating reality competition show he’s filming in the UK. It’s a shame Skating With The Stars was a flop—we’d love to see him take this action stateside.

Check out a video of Ice getting his ice dance on to “Word Up” after the jump.

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