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Jennifer Lopez And Victoria Beckham Are Movie Buddies

Jenny from the Block has some famous friends keeping her company. Although their idea of “the block” and ours aren’t exactly on the same scale, if you know what we mean. But celebrities, they’re normal people too. They like to watch movies and hang out. Case in point — Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham are going to watch The Hangover Part II together. They probably have movie theatre in their homes, but they’ll still go out and grace the public with their presences.

Jennifer’s currently in France doing talk show rounds, as seen in the photograph on the left. We love the whole ‘Jenny from the 70’s’ look she’s pulling off with that Farrah Fawcett flick and the white coat-dress. She appeared on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man! show and revealed that Posh and her, “saw Hangover together so now it is a tradition. So when I get back to LA we will go see [The Hangover Part II]!” They have a plan to move around without getting recognized too, those minxes. Jen said they, “go dressed down in sweats and sneakers. We sneak in through the kitchens.” And pop goes our little bubble. The thought of Jennifer or Victoria in anything other than stilettos and couture? No … we can’t accept that.

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First Look At Celebrity Guests At The Royal Wedding – Beckhams, Elton!

Prince William with his brother, Prince Harry, has just left Clarence House dressed in dashing red as the Colonel of the Irish Guards. But waiting for him at Westminster Abbey amongst the throng of wedding guests are some well-known celebrities. We spotted David and Victoria Beckham, Elton John and his partner David Furnish, Guy Ritchie and Brit socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. Tara’s got this electric blue ensemble on right from her hat to her shoes. The men are looking quite elegant and understated in their morning coats. Victoria looks impeccable as usual in a midnight blue dress she’s apparently designed herself! Check out our gallery below for the outfits. Next up, the bride and groom! [Photos: Getty Images]

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William And Kate: The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge

There you have it! It’s D-Day and it’s just been announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton have been given the title of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. There was a lot of speculation on what the Queen would be bestowing on them and now we know what they’re going to be addressed as for years to come. If you’ve just woken up and are wondering what the deal-io is over at the Royal Wedding of all weddings, here’s some information to keep you going. If you want to know where all the players of the grand stage are, Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa (her Maid of Honor) are at The Goring Hotel, while William and Prince Harry are at Clarence House. Apparently, Kate’s brother James left this morning and the word on the street was that he went to have breakfast with his future brother-and-law. The photos above are from last night where the relaxed couple greeted crowds outside Clarence House and The Goring Hotel respectively.

The doors of Westminster Abbey are open, and here’s a surprise; the aisle is lined by trees! Six English field maples, symbolizing humility and reserve, and two hornbeams, symbolizing resilience. The Archbishop of Canterbury will be conducting the ceremony. And if you’re really cutting it close, here’s how the really important events have been timed. 10 am (on the Brits time) is when the V.I.P guests are to arrive at the West Gate (“normal guests” are going through the North Gate)— Elton John, David and Victoria Beckham and the lot! If  you just have to see the dress live, Kate is scheduled to leave the hotel at at 10.51 am  (in a hightop Rolls Royce) and the service is to begin at 11am, so don’t miss it! Don’t worry, we’ll post photos and more information as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: The Beckhams are here! Looking gorgeous we might add. David looks (and we don’t use this word too often) very, very handsome wearing tails (minus top hat, thank God). Victoria’s wearing a lovely fascinator and a navy blue dress which skims the baby bump. Look out for our next post for all the fashion.

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Mel C Thrilled As Ever At New Spice Girls Musical News

She was the last Spice Girl to sign up to their last reunion, and from the picture above it seems that Mel C’s not exactly looking forward to the latest money-spinning project. (Oh, all right, we have no idea whether she is or not. Mel C is looking drab and dowdy above as she launches her new role in the long-running West End musical Blood Brothers.)

But as rumored, there is a top-secret new Spice project, and it’s looking to be a TV hunt to find a new generation of girls to zig-a-zig-ahh on stage. Following in the footsteps of many successful British TV talent searches of recent times, Mel C, B, Geri, Emma and Victoria would audition to find version of themselves for a new stage musical. “It’s a fantastic new way to broaden out the Spice franchise and cash in on their personalities, their story and their songs,” reports The Sun.  You don’t say. Ker-chinnnngg! [Photo:


Posh Spice Makes Medieval Reparations


Victoria Beckham has done a very decent thing. When word spread that Posh stiffed the waitstaff after dining at Medieval Times in California last Saturday, everyone had a good chuckle. Not only had Posh made an etiquette faux pas, she was also outed for dining at Medieval Times. (Maybe she just missed the old-timey castles in her native, jolly old England. We won’t judge.)

TMZ has now reported that Beckham realized her error after the fact and sent over a “generous gratuity” to make up for the confusion, and her assistant even called the restaurant directly to apologize. Somewhere, there’s a server at a Red Lobster that’s still lamenting the extra shrimp scampi he gave her, and for what? [Photo: GettyImages]


Victoria Beckham’s Wardrobe Boob

Victoria Beckham

Even a seasoned fashion pro like Victoria Beckham isn’t immune to the latest celebrity craze of “See-Through Flashbulb Tops” (Um, we might have to work on a catchy new trend name, there). Just like Sharon Stone, Posh inadvertently exposed her boobs when papped leaving Claridges hotel in London.

After careful examination, we’re still not entirely sure whether we can see a white bra underneath Victoria’s black top (breaking the first rule of Fashion 101) or whether she’s got no bra on at all. In which case, all those denials about having a boob job are looking a little ridiculous. [Photo: Splash News Online]