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Amber Rose is a Damn Style Icon. Get Over It.

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Amber Rose is one of the most important fashion icons of our time. Seriously! She’s always set the tone for over-the-top style, ever since she first stepped on the scene in 2009, wearing curve-clinging couture and enormous hooded furs. Even though she’s landed on our Worst Dressed list, we have to admit it—we’re in awe of her fearless style choices. Face it, she’s a trailblazer.

On the magnificent MILF’s thirty-first birthday, let’s take a look at her greatest fashion hits.

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Amber Rose Shows Off Hot Before And After Baby Photos

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Just days after former love rival Kim Kardashian unveiled her sexy post-baby bikini mag cover, Amber Rose is firing back with some super hot Instagrams of her own! The lovely model (and Mrs. Wiz Khalifa) has been putting in some overtime at the gym, and she’s excited to show off the results of all her hard work.

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Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa’s Baby Already Has Superstar Uncles


Send your congratulations to Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa! They had their baby boy three days ago and his name is Sebastian Thomaz. Wiz gave the world a heads up by tweeting, “Happy Birthday Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz!!! Everyone welcome this perfect young man into the world.” Now Amber’s sharing snippets of their son’s first few days on instagram, sharing his first picture, as you can see on the left, writing, “Best daddy ever …. Up with the baby so Muva can go back to sleep.” What’s even cooler than Wiz’s patterned pink hoodie is little Sebastian’s floral arrangement from his superstar Uncle, Sean “Diddy” Combs. The rapper mogul sent over a profusion of flowers, seen in the picture on the right, and Amber thanked him by writing, “Sebastian says “Thanks Uncle Diddy!” Lol iamdiddy they are beautiful thank u so much. Hugs.” Imagine what little Sebastian will get on his first birthday!

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Amber Rose Takes The Bait: Calls Wiz Her “Husband” For TMZ’s Cameras

There is so much weird going on in this story, guys. First of all, if you watch the video above, apparently the guys behind the camera bought Amber Rose ice cream to tempt her to talk to them — making it feel like she’s a zoo animal they’re tempting to come to the fence to say hi. Not that we’d be able to refuse Ninja Turtles ice cream either. So then, as the eight-months pregnant model accepts their treat, she says, “My husband loves Ninja Turtles!” And immediately TMZ explodes in a round of speculation about when and where Amber and Wiz Khalifa eloped.

Well, maybe they did legally tie the knot — as Hollywood Life points out, Wiz told Hot 97 last year that he and Amber wanted to make things legal before their son was born, but then have a real wedding afterwards, when she can fit into a dress and drink. Or maybe she’s just messing with them. Or maybe using a figure of speech, calling him her husband for fun, particularly in the context of something silly like TMNT.

Either way, we are going to go steal Amber’s wardrobe now. That “Kapow!” dress is way cuter than anything we’ve ever seen in the maternity department. As is this cute dress (and silly hat) she wore at her East Coast baby shower. (Here’s the one from her L.A. shower.)

Amber Rose may have admitted she and Wiz got married

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Amber Rose’s Keyboard Dress Is Our New Obsession

Amber Rose wore this rainbow keyboard dress to her baby shower

You know we’ve been obsessed with Amber Rose’s adorable baby bump photos for months, but the pics she posted this weekend from her baby shower blew the rest away. Not only is she still incredibly cute for someone in her eighth month of pregnancy, but she is rocking a dress that we immediately want. It’s part of designer Jeremy Scott’s Adidas Originals collection, shown above on the runway. The most remarkable thing is how much better it looks on preggo Amber than on the skinny model.

Also great is this pic of Amber and Wiz Khalifa opening presents together.
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Jessica Simpson’s “Big Sis” Tweet Joins 5 Other Adorable Celebrity Baby Announcements Of 2012

Jessica Simpson confirmed her pregnancy with a tweet featuring daughter Maxwell

Jessica Simpson confirmed the pregnancy we pretty much all knew about already with a tweet yesterday that read, “Merry Christmas from my family to yours!” accompanying a deadly cute photo of 7-month-old daughter Maxwell Drew in front of the words “Big Sis” written in the sand. It by far surpasses Simpson’s “Mummy” tweet from last Halloween, and also makes us really wish she’d been able to break this news herself, rather than some “friend” who sold the story to Us weeks ago.

UPDATE: Weight Watchers also let Jessica announce her new pregnancy in a 30-second ad, released today. “Being healthy has become a part of who I am, which is great timing, because I’m having another baby,” she says. (WW made sure to add a printed message on the ad that says, “Pregnant women are not eligible to join Weight Watchers. Jessica has stopped following the plan and intends to return after she gives birth.”)

The announcement made us think back to all the other varied ways in which celebrity moms announced their big news to the world in 2012. Here are some of our favorites:

Snooki’s “OMG! I’m Pregnant!” Us Weekly Headline: This is another one we pretty much already knew about before the story was published, but the fact that we could totally hear Snooki’s voice as we read that headline made it more unique than your typical pregnancy story sold to a tabloid.

Amber Rose Follows Beyonce’s Example: Following a couple of weeks of speculation, Amber accompanied Wiz Khalifa to the MTV VMAs this year in a lacy skintight gown and caressed her little bump on the red carpet, leaving no more doubt about their big news. Months later, it looked like Jenna Dewan-Tatum was doing the same red-carpet reveal in her flowy princess gown at VH1 DIVAS, but she and Channing Tatum decided to let us guess for a few more hours before going the typical publicist-to-magazine route.
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Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa Give The Most Reassuring Answer About Their Son And Weed

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose will teach their kid that marijuana is for adults

The prohibitionists out there won’t agree with us, but we think Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose sound like they’re going to be the most level-headed parents of their son when he’s born in a couple of months. When E! asked the green-minded rapper and his model fiancee what they plan to teach Junior about marijuana, they responded quite thoughtfully:

“I’m not going to be smoking right there over the baby, because smoke in general and being high is not good for a kid,” Khalifa said. “None of that. But definitely he’s going to know what it is — and he’ll know the difference between being a child and not being able to use it and being an adult and knowing how to use it.”

Amber added, “It’s just like alcohol, basically. That’s how I feel about it, you know. When you’re a kid, you know that you’re not supposed to drink alcohol, that it’s for adults and that’s it. Our son is just going to know that daddy likes to smoke.”

That sounds about right in a world where recreational weed consumption has just been legalized in Washington and Colorado, and daddy writes songs about the substance practically on a daily basis. Better to teach responsibility than hypocrisy (’cause face it, did that work out for YOUR parents?).

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