by (@missmuttoo)

Lady Gaga’s Lacy, Racy Tribute To John Lennon


You would think that Lady Gaga would cover up for John Lennon? Nope… ’cause Lady Gaga don’t cover up for anyone. Cue Gaga on stage with Yoko Ono in a tribute concert to the fallen Beatle. It would’ve been Lennon’s 70th birthday on October 9, so celebrations in LA and Iceland are kicking off.

Gaga clearly put on her Sunday best for yesterday’s musical marathon, which consisted of a spiked headband and a lacy, bedazzled bodysuit with sheer panels that exposed one part of her body (something her previous shaggy cape-onsie hybrid didn’t).  We’re ass-king you to spot what body part she chose to get behind this time.  Those shoes crack us up too, and it’s amazing she didn’t fall flat on her rear.

Multiple tries  are welcome, butt of course you won’t need them. Looks like a full moon was out in L.A.

[Photo: Splash News Online]