American Idol Tour Scraps DioGuardi Song

America voted … and the loser of American Idol is “No Boundaries.” This season, as with all other seasons on Idol, the winner has sung a theme song written specifically for the show. Think “A Moment Like This,” the song Kelly Clarkson sang at the end of the first season, which became a best-seller. This year, the song “No Boundaries,” co-written by superfluous judge Kara DioGuardi, was that special song and it’s safe to say no one took to it. Not even DioGuardi: during the finale she actually told winner Kris Allen that the song wasn’t written for someone with his register, which is probably one of the reasons the song has been canned from the Idol tour this summer.

Apparently, the song was getting such a poor response during the live concerts that producers told Allen to find something else to sing to replace it. We hope Kara doesn’t feel too bad about it — if anything, she should take a lesson from her own overly-optimistic lyrics. Let nothing stand between you and your dreams, Kara. [Source: NY Post]


Paula Abdul To Guest Star On Lifetime Show

We still can’t quite believe that the premise of the upcoming Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva is real: “dead model comes back to life in the body of a plus-sized attorney.” We’re sure there a lot of life lessons about superficiality and cross promotion with Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty to be explored here. There is one thing to look forward to though — American Idol judge Paula Abdul will be a guest star. Finally, we get to see Paula’s acting chops surface! And you thought her dramatic stint in the “Rush, Rush” video was a one-off.

Paula may seem ubiquitous, with Idol and her reality show Hey Paula! and her choreography, but she has rarely had a real acting job. The role won’t be a huge stretch though, Abdul will play a judge. Presumably a judge who doesn’t have to use the words “artistry” or “you have a long career ahead of you” in her rulings. The episode is set to air in September. [Getty Images]


Simon Cowell’s Idol Salary May Rise To $144 Million

Most people in the world would be fine, elated even, to earn a $36 million salary, which is what Simon Cowell made this past season for American Idol. But when it came time to renegotiate his contract this year, rumor has it that Cowell knows the show would be lost without him and he’s gunning for more money, to the tune of up to $144 million a season.

Information about the contract negotiations has leaked, and Cowell reportedly has asked for three to four times what he made this year. Considering Idol rakes in about $900 million in revenue each season, what Cowell is asking for is just a drop in the giant, money-filled bucket. We assume the rest of that revenue this year, at least, went to Adam Lambert‘s costumes and fog machines. (We could be wrong.) If the Idol salary isn’t mind blowing enough, remember that is only one of Cowell’s jobs, he’s also a judge on Britain’s Got Talent and The X-Factor. [Photo: Getty Images]


Simon Cowell To Take Over The Entertainment World


In news we’re not sure whether to be impressed or terrified by (we suspect both), music mogul Simon Cowell has teamed up with longtime friend and retail giant Sir Philip Green (pictured at right) to create a new uber-powerful entertainment company. The TV judge will set up the company with Kate Moss‘s Topshop boss — who’s Britain’s 9th richest person — to ensure he owns the rights of all the entertainment shows he’s involved with, from American Idol to Britain’s Got Talent and the X-Factor.

“They are talking about making profits running into billions as opposed to millions from their joint venture … they’re thinking in terms of a new Disney. What they’re planning is that big,” said a source close to the hairy-chested pair. Gulp. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Did AT&T Help Kris Allen Win Idol?

kris allen

Angry Adam Lambert fans, here’s your conspiracy theory. AT&T representatives in Arkansas apparently gave lessons in “power texting” (sending multiple texts at once) to Kris Allen supporters at viewing parties, despite the show’s claim that votes created by “technical enhancements” would be thrown out. Since AT&T users are the only ones that can send votes by text, some frustrated Idol viewers are frothing at the contradiction.

While the hypocrisy is obvious, it’s hard to believe that a few rotten apples in Arkansas could have swayed the vote (which apparently wasn’t close enough for Ryan Seacrest to acknowledge on air). After all, DialIdol had Allen ahead by phone votes as well. But the company may have to make a sacrificial offering of a few local reps if the calls for blood continue.

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Kris Allen Wins Idol! No One Can Believe It!

If only every American Idol episode was as good as THIS one! Is everyone as stunned as us that Adam Lambert didn’t win? (The judges sure seemed to be!) We’ve been anti-Adam all along but we always expected him to win so it was okay to feel that way. Now we’re just speechless. Except not really … Part two of the season eight finale was so jam-packed and full of entertainment, nary a moment could be called filler. Ryan Seacrest warned us on Tuesday to set our DVR’s to go overtime (Idol even showed up in our DVR as running till 10:07pm which we thought was hilarious – sorry Fox 5 news, hope there were no new swine flu developments today!) and we figured it would be loads of crappy appearances and 20 renditions of the already-hated finale song “No Boundaries.” But it was so much more. We have 10 favorite moments for you, but right now we need a moment to regroup from all this excitement. Way to keep us entertained, Idol. HOLY SHIT. Kris Allen!

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The Guy Next Door Vs. Guyliner: Who Will Win?

Ryan Seacrest‘s words, not ours! Last night on American Idol it was all about final impressions — Adam Lambert and Kris Allen needed to pick the right songs and hit the right notes to remind us why we like them. They both did a good job, but it was pretty clear that Adam did a little bit better. (God, it pains us to say that.) From his reprise of “Mad World,” which he originally sang during the “Songs From the Year You Were Born” week, to a toned down Sam Cooke song, he took a slight edge over Kris, whose jammy style felt weaker by comparison. If you joined in our live American Idol blog you would have been there for all the fun and the impromptu drinking games (more on that in a sec), but for now, here are our highlights.

Adam’s Performances


Adam played the game smartly last night, he sang “Mad World” again, which was universally lauded the first time around and got the first-ever standing ovation from Simon Cowell. He also toned down the rock/glam aspect (okay, he sang “Mad World” while wearing a leather duster, surrounded by dry ice fog — he toned it down AFTER that) by singing “Change is Gonna Come,” a song chosen for him by show creator Simon Fuller. It was completely out of character but he handled it competently and the only way he knew how, with a few obligatory screeches. Paula loved it so much she threw an improv-mimed lasso around Adam though to rein him in and keep him locked up forever, presumably in the same dungeon where she keeps MC Skat Kat.

Kris’ Performances


We think the judges are slightly abusive, the way they throw out their love for the contestants one minute, then they coldly rescind it the next, then are like “Baby, shh, we didn’t mean it, you’re great again.” That’s how they treated Matt Giraud and Lil Rounds for the entire show, and it’s how they’ve been treating Kris lately. After he sang “Ain’t No Sunshine,” everyone was all “Wow, awesome, you moved me,” but when he fell a little flat on his coffeehouse-ish rendition of “What’s Goin’ On?” it was like “Kris who? How did he get here?” Y’all might as well just wear “Lambert Lover” T-shirts, judges. It’s hard to keep up with your wavering, just admit you don’t give a crap about Kris.

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American Idol Finale: Live Blog Party


Our resident American Idol expert Liz Black live-blogged the final face-off between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. Click the play button below to get the blow-by-blow on how the show went down.


Ryan Seacrest’s Style Evolution


We wanted to show you some pictures of Ryan Seacrest before he hit it big on American Idol to prove that he hasn’t always lived a life of highlights, white teeth, and spray tans. Alas, even in his salad days he managed to find a way to glow. (Sorry Ryan – we don’t actually bear any ill-will toward you, we just let Joel McHale from The Soup rub off on us too much). Let’s take a look at Seacrest through the years, starting with his very 90210-influenced style.

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Allison Iraheta’s Idol Elimination Has Dashed All Of Our Dreams

Last night we shed a single tear for Allison Iraheta who, despite 64 million votes being cast on Tuesday, got the lowest amount and was ousted from American Idol. It pains us to admit that our baby’s gone. We know Adam Lambert is going to win this now, he’s the only performer the judges haven’t criticized harshly for any of his performances and that’s the only thing that pains us more than seeing Allison go. We can barely go on anymore. But we must. …

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