Box Office Beat: Keanu’s Alien Flick Triumphs

Despite unintentionally comedic lines like “If the earth dies, you die, if you die, the earth survives,” this remake of 1951’s The Day The Earth Stood Still ruled the weekend box office. Somehow Keanu Reeves‘ vacant stares and deadpan line delivery continue to bring in the dough. See the clip above, where Keanu the Alien explains to Jennifer Connelly that her species must die to save the world. Not even Will Smith‘s adorable son, Jaden, can save this sci-fi silliness.

1. The Day The Earth Stood Still: $31M

2. Four Christmases: $13.3M

3. Twilight: $8.01M

4. Bolt: $7.51M

5. Australia: $4.29M


Box Office Beat: Crazy In-Laws Take The Cake

Audiences must really be in the holiday spirit, as Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn held the top spot at the movies for the second weekend in a row, beating sexy vampires, Australian cowboys and Bond. Four Christmases‘ success proves the often-told tale of family stress and a full schedule around the holidays doesn’t get old. See a clip above of Vaughn being outed by his rowdy brothers, revealing to Witherspoon his birth name is “Orlando.”

1. Four Christmases: $18.2M
2. Twilight: $13.2M
3. Bolt: $9.7M
4. Australia: $7M
5. Quantum of Solace: $6.6M

On the coattails of Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies” sensation, we were somewhat surprised to see Cadillac Records roll in at #9 with a meager $3.5M. Check out a clip of Ms. Knowles singing as Etta James after the jump.

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Box Office Beat: Bloodsuckers Defeat Bond

The teen heart-throbbing vamps conquered a delusional dog, Bond, and escaped zoo animals for the top spot at the box office over the weekend. See a clip from Twilight above when Kristen Stewart lets hunky Robert Pattinson know that the jig is up.

Twilight, $70.6M
Quantum of Solace, $27.4M
Bolt, $27M
Madagascar: Escape to Africa, $16M
Role Models, $7.23M