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15 Photos Of Matt Damon Looking Absolutely Heavenly


In honor of Matt Damon‘s new film Elysium which shows a bleak view of the future, we thought it was high time to present some untouched, completely un-Photoshopped images of the Damon. Yes, he is from heaven, and yes, he’s always surrounded by cherubs. You’re welcome.

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by (@shalapitcher)

Picture Matt Damon Letting His Daughter Drum On His Head

This is another one of those posts that probably doesn’t need words, except for me to explain that I asked Matt Damon how his daughters reacted when they saw him bald and beefy for his role in Elysium. And he obliged with this mental image of baby girl Stella drumming on her dad’s head. After all that cuteness, though, I thought it time for him to get serious and discuss the serious social issues the Neill Blomkamp movie (opening Friday) brings up.
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