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13 Things That Should Have Sucked In 2013 But Didn’t


As we look back on 2013, it’s easy to round up the best and worst of XYZ. But what about those things that surprised us? It’s so easy to make a snap judgement on a TV show or album before anyone has had a chance to watch or hear it. The same goes for everything on this list. From the onset, things like Pacific Rim and Sound of Music Live, sounded like awful ideas but the execution, the spectacle, even the live-tweeting somehow made it better. It turns out these things weren’t such disasters after all. In fact, they were the biggest surprises of 2013.

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20 Hot Photos Of Idris Elba Canceling Horrible Things

Idris Elba

In Pacific Rim, hot British actor Idris Elba helps save humanity from giant sea-dwelling aliens by giving an intensely rousing speech in which he declares, “Today we are canceling the APOCALYPSE!”

The speech was probably really easy for Elba to nail because based on these photos he’s been canceling horrible things forever.

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