Jake Gyllenhaal Wishes He Was “Fat, Happy” And Done With This Persia Movie

Remember when Jake Gyllenhaal strutted his newly built body past cameras with girlfriend Reese Witherspoon last August? If you haven’t heard much buzz about Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time since those classic snaps, it’s probably because the film doesn’t come out until May, 2010—the summer after next. While the studio doesn’t want interest to peak over a year before the release, Entertainment Tonight got a look at the shoot. Jake, looking like a cross between Jesus and Luke Skywalker, does a bit of swordplay for the camera before acknowledging what everyone is saying: dude is ripped! “I probably put on five pounds of muscle—and muscle implants,” he says, still sounding like the sweet nerd his fans adored—albeit trapped in the body of a pumped Kenny Loggins.

And when the film’s over? “I’m gonna be fat, and I’m gonna be happy.” Sorry, Darko fans: looks like “skinny and tense” is not in the cards.

After the jump, a clip from the interview.

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He-Man Jake Gyllenhaal Struts Shirtless With Reese Witherspoon On Persia Set

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time won’t be coming out till May 2010, but we’ve got a look at star Jake Gyllenhaal escorting Reese Witherspoon around the set and daaaaaaaaaaamn! We knew that Jake was buff, but this shit is getting Tarzan. If they’re spending over a year on the CGI for this movie, it’s not because Donnie Darko needs digital pec juice.

[Photos: Splash News Online]