Project Runway‘s Kenley Pleads Guilty In Literal Cat-Fight Case

kenley collins

Kenley Collins, the Project Runway season 5 contestant you loved to hate, has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. She was originally charged with felony assault for throwing her cat—among other things—at her sleeping fiancee, but the victim, Zak Penley, never required treatment for his injuries and the charges were reduced.

Collins is on probation and will have to pay $120 and is prohibited from contacting her ex for two years. She told authorities she put the cat on the bed “gently,” which actually makes even less sense than throwing a confused animal at the guy. No word on whether she stomped and huffed “that’s not…ughh…” during the sentencing, but it’s easy to imagine.

[Photo: WireImage]


Did Project Runway‘s Nina Garcia Have A Bad Botox Reaction?

Page Six posted a blind item this morning about a reality show judge that missed two episodes of her show thanks to a bad reaction botox reaction (supposedly her face “swelled up like a cauliflower”). Dlisted thinks it’s Project Runway‘s Nina Garcia, and—unless someone can think of another reality show judge that was AWOL for two episodes recently, Scandalist is inclined to agree. She looked fine upon her return, though, so she must have made it through the wrinkle-smoothening storm—if it even happened at all!