by (@sllambe)

Tilda Swinton Wears A Shoe On Her Head And Other Things To Know About Snowpiercer


Starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer and Ed Harris, Snowpiercer tells the story of a dystopian future when climate change have lay wasted to what remains of Earth. The planet is covered in a deadly permafrost brought on by man’s attempts to reverse years of the planet’s atmospheric destruction. The film is a mouthful of an allegory that will likely become a cult classic than make billions this weekend at the box office. It’s not to say the film is bad — it’s not for everyone — it’s just not your typical blockbuster affair. Fans of Oldboy and Sunshine (also starring Evans), will enjoy the mix of sci-fi, action, and gore presented in Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s film adaption of the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige. Oh yeah, and Tilda Swinton wears a shoe on her head! But that’s just one of the things you should know going into the film.

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