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Happy Birthday, Andrew Garfield! 10 Reasons Why You’re A Superhero In Real Life

Andrew Garfield and Paul Giamatti spotted shooting scenes for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' in Downtown Manhattan, NYC

With a knack for giving buzzworthy interview quotes and making skillful sartorial choices for sidewalk strolls, Andrew Garfield has an undeniable likeability that goes far beyond his performances on stage (Death of a Salesman) and screen (The Social Network). And being a person everyone wants to be around pays off, doing big things for the greater good whether it be your work day email chain or those in need. Read more…

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Congrats, Andrew Garfield, You Are This Week’s Hotness!

Wow. I told you Andrew Garfield does well as an underdog. But not even I could have predicted that the future Mr. Peter Parker would defeat Mr. Franchise Jamie Campbell Bower in such a landslide victory!

Andrew pulled in 65 percent of the votes, easily snatching the Hotness title from the Harry Potter/Twilight Saga/Mortal Instruments star. Does Never Let Me Go have a cult following I didn’t know about? Was Bella working her super-shield to block votes for Caius? Or perhaps TheFABlife is home to a lot more comic book geeks than we’d ever imagined. I’m all for either of those explanations, and can’t wait to see more from both of these adorable Brits next year. In the meantime, Andrew would like to thank you:

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Jamie Campbell Bower Vs. Andrew Garfield: Who Is This Week’s Hotness?

This week’s Hotness is a tough matchup, for both talent and smoldering looks: Jamie Campbell Bower vs. Andrew Garfield. Frankly, we’re glad it’s up to you to decide, because we certainly couldn’t do it on our own.

In this corner, we have Jamie Campbell Bower, known to every Twilighter as Caius, to Potterheads as Gellert Grindelward and to costume drama buffs as King Arthur in Camelot and soon as the young Earl of Oxford in Anonymous. But soon enough, we may all think of him as Jace Wayland, the brooding hero of The Mortal Instruments. (No wonder our friends at NextMovie are calling him Mr. Franchise!)

The combined power of these fanbases should seem formidable, but then Andrew Garfield has shown that he thrives as the underdog. We wanted to boycott Facebook after seeing how his Social Network character Eduardo got screwed by Mark Zuckerberg. And though we can’t believe they’re making another Spider-Man movie, those expressive eyebrows alone are enough to make us say “Tobey Ma-who?” Will the fanboys and fangirls prevail to steal the Hotness crown from such a powerful vampire? Vote after the jump. (Polls close at 2 p.m. on Friday.)

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