The Top 5 Batman 3 Rumors

With The Dark Knight still in the Top 5 after making over $500 million dollars, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to give the scoop on what Warner Bros. has planned for the sequel. Here’s thing: nobody has a friggin’ clue who’s going to be in The Caped Crusader, or even if it’s even named The Caped Crusader. Here are five of Scandalist‘s favorite claims about the movie so far.

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Citizen Scandal: Joker Steals Dark Knight Posters

The Joker’s true identity has been revealed! The mysterious villain that recently plagued Gotham City is none other than 20-year-old Spencer Taylor, who was apprehended in full regalia while attempting to steal Dark Knight posters and promotional materials from a movie theater in Three Rivers, Michigan. The diabolical villain was subdued by theater employees and handed over to local police. Hopefully the authorities, who are charging Taylor with felony larceny and malicious destruction of property, realize that keeping the criminal mastermind detained will be very, very difficult.