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Ashley Greene On Style And Personal Evolution: “I’m Figuring All That Out”

Ashley Greene was my last interview of the day during the Breaking Dawn press junket, and I entered her hotel suite at the Four Seasons at 5 p.m. expecting to find her as tired as I was — if not more. She had just come off the European press tour for the film and was now knee-deep in promotion stateside, a whirlwind of interviews and appearances. But the actress, who was recently named the new face of DKNY, was chipper and chatty, dressed in a silky red tank, jeans and sky-high patent-leather beige heels. When I told her I wanted to geek out about fashion with her for the entire interview but was gonna try not to, she joked, “But for a portion, at least!” Sounded good to me!

TheFABlife: What’s helped you grow your style and fashion sense over the years?
Ashley Greene: I think it’s a lot of experiences. With Twilight, there’s been a lot of red carpets, fan events, press and talk shows. I work with a stylist named Christina Ehrlich and she’s been so incredible. She’s very collaborative and never tries to force anything on me.

TFL: Have you learned from past fashion missteps?
AG: I think one of the first mistakes you can make is wearing something because someone told you to wear it. And I’ve done it! We’ve all done it. [Ed. note: Yep, we have!]

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Five Jobs We’d Love To See Kristen Stewart Try Besides Acting

At last week’s Breaking Dawn: Part 1 press conference, Kristen Stewart shared that she’s ready to take some time off after shooting Snow White and the Huntsman to figure out what she wants to do next. “It’s the first time in a long time that I haven’t known what I was going to be doing,” she told reporters. “And I don’t want to know. I don’t want to rush it, because I want to have time off and figure out what I’m interested in; what my interests are. I do want a little bit of time to really figure out what I really, really want to do.”

We’re guessing that her focus will remain on her flourishing acting career, because it’s red-hot and she’s über-talented. Kind of a no-brainer. But if the star does decide to take a little break in between her big-screen gigs, we have a few suggestions of other occupations we’d love to see her try. Scroll through our (very Photoshopped) gallery below to check out six of our Kristen Stewart dream jobs. Look out, Paula Deen! Chef Stew is on your buttery heels.

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Robert Pattinson Has Future As Writer, Says Breaking Dawn Screenwriter

Earlier this year Rob Pattinson revealed to Vanity Fair that he was adapting a Lillian Hellman story for the big screen. “It’s a secret,” he later told reporters while promoting Water for Elephants, refusing to divulge details about his writing. The actor has long been modest about his other creative talents and intellectual interests, which he often mocks in interviews. “I sound like such a snobby little sh–,” he said to VF, after discussing his passion for Japanese films.

We like Rob’s smart side, and have long wondered what was up with his secret screenwriting project. We asked Melissa Rosenberg, writer of all five Twilight movies, what she thought about Rob’s pursuits on the page. Turns out, she had no idea she’d been working with an aspiring screenwriter for four years. “Is he really?” she said, after we filled her in. “I wish him luck, it’s tough work.”

When asked what advice she would offer Rob, Rosenberg passed along these sage words. “Just understand the craft, understand structure,” she said. “You can have the talent, but do you have the craft? That’s always the challenge.”

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Rob, Kristen, And Taylor’s 8 Cutest Breaking Dawn Livestream Moments

Last night, MTV News’ Josh Horowitz sat down with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner for a half-hour livestream interview that involved a whole lot of squirming, talk of graphic sex and birth scenes, and nostalgia for the past three years of Twilight anticipation. Any event with all three stars is a treat to watch, and this one was no exception. We picked out eight adorable moments that perfectly illustrate their pack-like bond.


Kristen teases Taylor, “Your hair was in the first one,” referring to the awkwardly wigged Jacob in Twilight. “My hair was in the first one. Thanks for reminding me,” he answers.


Asked if we’re ever going to see that infamous first audition footage of Rob and Kristen on Catherine Hardwicke‘s bed, Rob replies, “It’s like the sex scene,” before realizing how that sounds.
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Kristen Stewart Has “Grown A Lot,” Says Co-Star

We had a serious sit down with the Cullen family matriarch, Elizabeth Reaser, at the Breaking Dawn press junket and she didn’t hesitate when we which of her castmates had grown the most over the course of the Twilight franchise.

“Kristen seems to have grown a lot,” she said immediately. “She’s always been such a great actress and obviously she’s carrying this entire series on her back. … That we can even believe in this world is because we see it through Kristen’s eyes, and she makes it feel real. And I think that she just keeps growing as an actress, and I think it’s so exciting.”

In Breaking Dawn: Part 1 Kristen goes from portraying a high school girl to a wife and mother. Elizabeth tells us she was moved by her transformation. “I was completely blown away. I thought she was really wonderful. It was fun to watch her on set with a kid and to see how she handled that. It was pretty cute.”

Author Stephenie Meyer also spoke about the bond Kristen formed with her onscreen daughter, played by Mackenzie Foy. “She put so much thought into [playing a mom] beforehand,” said the author. “She kind of fell in love with Mackenzie. … She was a natural with it. She just got that instinct to protect on her own.”

How many of you are saying “Awwww!” right now? We are!

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Jamie Campbell Bower Vs. Andrew Garfield: Who Is This Week’s Hotness?

This week’s Hotness is a tough matchup, for both talent and smoldering looks: Jamie Campbell Bower vs. Andrew Garfield. Frankly, we’re glad it’s up to you to decide, because we certainly couldn’t do it on our own.

In this corner, we have Jamie Campbell Bower, known to every Twilighter as Caius, to Potterheads as Gellert Grindelward and to costume drama buffs as King Arthur in Camelot and soon as the young Earl of Oxford in Anonymous. But soon enough, we may all think of him as Jace Wayland, the brooding hero of The Mortal Instruments. (No wonder our friends at NextMovie are calling him Mr. Franchise!)

The combined power of these fanbases should seem formidable, but then Andrew Garfield has shown that he thrives as the underdog. We wanted to boycott Facebook after seeing how his Social Network character Eduardo got screwed by Mark Zuckerberg. And though we can’t believe they’re making another Spider-Man movie, those expressive eyebrows alone are enough to make us say “Tobey Ma-who?” Will the fanboys and fangirls prevail to steal the Hotness crown from such a powerful vampire? Vote after the jump. (Polls close at 2 p.m. on Friday.)

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Breaking Dawn Isn’t ALL About The Wedding, Right?

“It’s a relatively momentous moment for this series.” — Robert Pattinson

“I’ve sort of been ramping up to do that scene for like three years.” — Kristen Stewart

“I think it’s going to be really exciting.” — Taylor Lautner

These comments from the actors in the latest Breaking Dawn promo are some of the least surprising quotes you’d ever hear about the wedding. (Not that haven’t already watched them four times anyway.) I mean, duh, after everything Bella and Edward have been through, it’s a relief to see them get that fairy-tale ending. Except, as most of us who read (or who are married, for that matter) know, it’s not the end. It’s over by page 74 of a 754 page book.

So, this morning, we’d like to pose this question. What else are you looking forward to? Actual poll after the jump, ’cause it’s ALL SPOILERS. And feel free to add your own choices in the comments!
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MTV Movie Awards Winning Best Villian Tom Felton Praises “Humble” Robert Pattinson

Tom Felton might have just won the Best Villain award at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards for his portrayal of the nefarious Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, but in real life, his personality couldn’t be any sweeter. Our friends over at VH1 News caught up with the burgeoning hunk on the red carpet before last night’s big show and asked him about his old pal from Hogwarts, Cedric Diggory (aka Robert Pattinson). Felton praised his old pal as being “humble” not once but TWICE during our interview with him, and told us how much he was looking forward to catching up with his old chum at such a festive occasion.