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Javier Bardem’s Hair: Skyfall Success Has Us Combing Through His Other Roles

Do Javier Bardem’s bad hair days translate to Oscar bait? We get a feeling there’s to be a relationship between Bardem’s acclaimed roles and his hairdos … and don’ts. And we’re not the only ones, now that everyone’s singing his praises as Skyfall’s villain Raoul Silva.

The Spanish actor initially gained recognition for his performance in 2000’s Before Night Falls, but it was his turn as the bloodthirsty Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men that solidified his spot on the Hollywood A-list and won him an Academy Award. While his acting chops proved impressive, people seemed more consumed by the bizarre bob he sported in the film — including Bardem himself. During his Oscar acceptance speech he thanked the Coen brothers for putting “one of the most horrible hair cuts in history over my head.” And the guy was not exaggerating. Read more…


Penelope Cruz Stumbles Into Celebrity Vortex By Mistake

We love this story. Spanish senorita Penelope Cruz is at the London Film Festival, promoting her Woody Allen movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and has dazzled the crowds on the red carpet with her beauty and class. Squeezing her A-list self into her chauffeur-driven car, she heads off to the glamorous afterparty. Except she doesn’t, and accidentally wanders into D-List showbiz bash Celebrity Spectacle Wearer of the Year. We’re sure the organizers were chuffed when Pene turned up, especially as the calibre of star at the event were Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster and British swimmer Mark Foster.

The Hollywood star was heard telling pals ‘I think we might have the wrong place,'” a source tells the Sun.

No sh*t, Sherlock. It must have been terrifying for poor Penelope — a vision of a nightmarish future when the film roles dry up, and she’s reduced to flogging carpet cleaner, perhaps? Shudder. [Photo: Getty Images]