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Chelsea Handler Finally Hops Into Bed With 50 Cent


One large order of attention for Ms. Handler, coming right up! Behold the photo that is bound to get the Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent dating rumor mill up and running again. “I don’t know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper,” Handler cracks under the photo. Girlfriend, please. You will or you won’t, you do or you don’t; just decide already! Seriously, this is getting to be like Ross and Rachel, except sad and only on Twitter.

Though if we were Chelsea, we would probably be hiding in bed too, cowering from the nasty backlash that came after Handler insulted Angelina Jolie, implying the actress would See You Next Tuesday, if you get our drift. If Chelsea and Fiddy really are hitting the sheets, let’s just hope that photo of 50 flirting with Chelsea’s  producer Heather McDonald was a joke.  Unless that picture was real and this photo is a joke. Or maybe they’re both jokes. Oh Chelsea Handler, how can we even believe anything more?!?! [Photo: Chelsea Handler’s Twitter]

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50 Cent’s Dog Oprah Is The Ultimate Twitter Diva


Kanye is going to be crying into his $30,000 mink bolero jacket tonight (you know, like every night), because he is about to be replaced by a new, even more fabulous Twitter diva: 50 Cent’s dog Oprah Winfree! We all know 50 Cent’s Twitter feed has all but replaced water and oxygen as the most important things in his life, but last night he upped his tweet game by posting a picture of Oprah wearing doggie Uggs and a sensible periwinkle turtleneck. Tweets the canine Oprah,”Check Out My Uggs Bitch!” She’s allowed to say “bitch”because she’s a lady dog!

Oprah the Dog has a serious Twitter following at 11,480. Oh sorry, we mean 11,481, because we are now officially obsessed with her. But don’t assume that just because Op loves to tweet, she’s totally obsessed with social media. Barked Oprah, “Oh yea I saw that someone made a FAKE FACEBOOK Page for me! I’m NOT ON FACEBOOK ONLY TWITTER.” It was probably just plain ol’ human Oprah trying to steal some puppy thunder. Go get your own massive internet following, Winfrey! [Photo: Oprah the Dog’s Twitter]

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Random New Couple Alert: 50 Cent and…Chelsea Handler?

Say why? Apparently sources are claiming 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler are more than just friends. But who even knew they were friends in the first place?! Reportedly the two were spotted together in New Orleans and Nashville over the last couple weekends, looking like more than acquaintances. Handler’s sidekick Chuy must be sobbing into his tiny baby-sized pillow with jealousy as we speak, poor guy.

As it turns out, Fiddy has not been shy about his crush on the late night host following an appearance this spring on Chelsea Lately, tweeting about how beautiful Handler is, and according to Chelsea, leaving her a voice mail saying, “Hey This is 50, I just want you to know that I was serious about asking you out. Just wanted to know if you are single.” Chelsea, in case it wasn’t clear: he is just that into you.

Some people have speculated this is some elaborate joke for Handler’s show, but we are hoping these lovebirds are for real. Two foul-mouthed, Twitter-obsessed celebrities in love? We couldn’t have made a better couple to blog about if we tried! [Photo: Getty Images/]

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50 Cent Feels Like A “Fat Boy,” Has Love/Hate Relationship With Cake

50 Cent still loves you like a fat kid love cake, except now he actually love cake a little bit more. Tweeting that he feels like a “fat boy”, 50 Cent has been sounding an awful lot like Cathy on his Twitter recently, grouching “I’m going to the gym I’m not but I feel like a fat boy I’m so use to training. When I take a few days of I start thinking I’m a blimp lol. I watch people over train all the time I only work out 45min my diet changes everything you have to do both.” Let’s see…moping about being a blimp, not going to the gym, and complaining about it to your friends on Twitter: yup, 50 Cent is officially a tenth-grade girl.

As you may recall, the rapper dropped an insane number of pounds this spring for his role in Things Fall Apart, going from 214lbs to 160lbs in two months. In our opinion, 50 looks excellent now that he weights more than Amy Winehouse after a long weekend. We just hope 50 Cent’s guidance counselor thinks to take him aside after Chemistry and reminds him that he is beautiful, just the way he is. [Photo: ThisIs50/]


Yes, This Is Really 50 Cent


Plenty of actors have earned an Oscar by taking on a role that requires grueling physical transformation: Robert De Niro for Raging Bull, Charlize Theron in Monster, Adrian Brody in The Pianist. We’re not sure that 50 Cent‘s upcoming movie will be Oscar bait (he co-wrote it), but he sure has committed to his role to the point where he’s unrecognizable.

In order to prepare for his role as a cancer patient in the film Things Fall Apart, 50 Cent had to lose 54 pounds and he explained on his website “I was starving. I’ve been eating. I’ll be back in shape in no time!” He spent nine weeks on a liquid diet to get his gaunt, sickly look down.  Kids, don’t try this at home. Seriously.

Check out another photo of 50 after the jump.

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Donny Osmond And 50 Cent Both Agree “Telephone” Video Goes Too Far


Personally we never really thought Donny Osmond and 50 Cent had anything in common. Turns out, we were wrong! The two performers have both recently aimed criticism at Lady Gaga and Beyoncé for the “Telephone” video, but as you can imagine, it’s for vastly different reasons.

Osmond, like India.Arie before him, thinks the video goes too far and thinks that its presence on the internet makes it easy for young kids to access and, you know, get the wrong idea about how glamorous and marketable lesbian prisons are. Osmond said:

“In today’s modern, viral world in which content becomes instantaneously available irrespective of age, I wonder whether the music industry might need to rethink its marketing policies with regard to making an explicit music video containing profanity, sexual exploitation, nudity, and graphic violence available to anyone with Internet access. wouldn’t want my child to watch this video. Would you? What do you think? Should these two extremely gifted female role models for millions of young girls, maybe, have given a little more thought to the effect it might have on their core audience?”

We can see that, but we also think that the internet is so full of questionable content, that this video is not one of the worst things out there. 50 Cent thinks it’s not so bad, content-wise, he’s just bummed that as a man he’d get criticized if he ever pulled those kinds of shenanigans.

“I think the video is hot. But there’s a shot in the video in the diner that’s just breasts. And it looks great, but if I shot the same shot in my music video, they would make me edit that immediately. Even if I had someone who was recognisable female talent that was part of the project, they wouldn’t allow that to go. They would think it was you taking advantage of a girl for marketing purposes or whatever. It’s their personal perception of your intentions of how you utilise it. Like ‘It’s Britney, bitch’ nobody has a problem with that. But if I say, ‘It’s 50, bitch,’ everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god! You got to edit that.”

50 also said in the same breath, “I would marry Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna in Africa, I’d have 3 wives! And I would avoid wearing condoms and have really big families.” This man is like our generation’s Oscar Wilde, he’s so quotable. We’re just amazed that so many celebs have such big opinions on the video – like it or hate it, it’s all they can talk about, which is probably all Gaga and Beyoncé care about anyway. [Photos: Getty Images]


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Fiddy And Bette: Chilling In Queens

If you happened to be strolling through Jamaica, NY, yesterday, you probably stopped to rub your eyes when you spotted a very unlikely pair hanging out in a garden. Bette Midler and 50 Cent joined forces to open the “Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson Community Garden” in Queens, NY. Bette says she really had to blow up Fiddy’s phone to get the seeds planted. “I called and nagged him,” she said.

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