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The Most Inappropriate Celebrity Relationships

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Celebrities aren’t immune to doing things in relationships that might be a little bit questionable. Sometimes, their relationships are the product of cheating, or sometimes, they have hug age differences, which make said relationships seem rather inappropriate. Now, we’re not about to judge anyone else’s happiness, because when it comes to love, who’s to say what’s right and wrong between consenting adults? Although sometimes in some of these cases “adult” is a term loosely used.

From the infamous Woody Allen/Soon Yi Previn relationship to more palatable love beginning under not-so-palatable circumstances, like Brangelina, these celebrities have relationships that might be considered bothersome by some. From Lorde, a teenager with an adult boyfriend, to the 24 year age gap between heartthrob Aaron Jonnson and his girlfriend Sam Taylor Wood, many of these relationships seem to push the boundaries of propriety. But again — where love is concerned, a generational age gap or a current spouse can seem like the smallest of trivialities. Click through our gallery and let us know in the comments: which of these couples do you think is the most inappropriate?

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Our Favorite May-December Couple Sam Taylor-Wood And Aaron Johnson Get Hitched

Director Sam Taylor-Wood Marries Aaron Johnson

What if instead of robbing the cradle, you moved in and started looking for a good school district to send the kids? That wouldn’t be so bad, right? Kick-Ass director Sam Taylor-Wood and her leading man Aaron Johnson certainly don’t think so; the 45-year-old bride and 22-year-old groom got married yesterday in Somerset, England, Us Weekly reports. The two are parents to toddler Wylda Rae and baby Romy Hero, both took the last name Taylor-Johnson and will someday soon be old enough for news stories to gloss over the fact that, age-wise, they could be mother and son. Maybe in 7 years? 8? Maybe never?

The marriage has been three years in the making; rumors of their engagement have been swirling since 2009, when Taylor-Wood directed Savages star Johnson in Nowhere Boy. Of course, we know empirically that age ain’t nothing but a number. Alec Baldwin is 54 and his fiancee Hilaria Thomas is only 28, and no one seems particularly worked up about that 26-year age gap! Though, even as we type this, we remember that might be because she wasn’t 19 at the time they got together. Oh well, who are we to stand in the way of love? Even weird love? Maybe weird love is the best kind of love! All the May-December romances in our crazy age gap gallery seem to suggest that it just might be:

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With Taylor Lautner Out, Who Should Play Stretch Armstrong?

Today, Team Jacob loyalists got the sad news that Taylor Lautner’s glorious abs will not be seen contorted into weird shapes for our viewing pleasure. The Wrap reported that he’s dropped out of Stretch Armstrong due to scheduling conflicts. The flick based on the ’70s toy, was originally going to be made by Hasbro and Universal for release this year, but Relativity Media announced today that it will be partnering with Hasbro to make the movie, with an April 2014 release date. According to MTV News, the schedule conflict is with Taylor’s plans to make a Gus Van Sant movie. We’ll give you a minute to get over this disappointment, but then, we want you to cheer up and help us come up with Taylor’s replacement. The movie is said to be an origin story, along the lines of Iron Man, but no age range has really been given, leaving this wide open for all the hot actors we fantasy-casting dreamers have been proposing for everything from Spider-Man to Hunger Games. Of course, some of us here at TheFABlife want Hunter Parrish for all of the movies, but we’d also be open to another werewolf — say The Vampire Diaries’ Michael Trevino? Or how about The Mortal Instruments’ also-ran Alex Pettyfer? Maybe this could be Harry Potter alum Matthew Lewis’ big break, or our chance to see more of Miley CyrusLOL co-star Douglas Booth. Well, here’s your chance to pick a candidate for the silliest-named superhero of them all:

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19-Year-Old Kick-Ass Star Knocked Up His 43-Year-Old Girlfriend


All this time, at all these Kick-Ass premieres, we’ve been dwelling on Nicholas Cage‘s hair when the real story is how the film’s 19-year-old star, Aaron Johnson, is expecting a child with his 43-year-old fianceé, film director Sam Taylor-Wood. The couple’s 24 year age difference has raised some eyebrows, but Johnson says though  that the age difference means nothing to them, explaining “I’m an old soul, and she’s a young soul. . .I go with what I feel in my heart and in my soul and travel by that, not by what other people expect.”

Taylor-Wood also expresses no concern for what people think of the May-December romance. Having overcome both colon cancer and breast cancer, she says “Going through all the crap I’ve been through, I don’t really listen to other people’s opinions. [I] just follow my heart and my instincts.” The couple met on the set of the film Nowhere Boy, which Taylor-Wood directed and Johnson starred in. Kinda makes you reevaluate your judgment of Ashton and Demi, doesn’t it?

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Cougar-licious British Director To Wed Teenage Boyfriend


Yes, we’d look like the cat that got the cream, too. British artist-turned-film director Sam Taylor-Wood has announced she’s marrying her actor boyfriend Aaron Johnson, 19. The 42-year-old directed him in the upcoming Beatles film Nowhere Boy, and the couple have now announced their engagement, saying they’re “very happy.”

Sam was married to art dealer Jay Jopling, and after their split last year, he briefly hooked up with Lily Allen. But Sam’s definitely trumped him in the hot, young stakes with Aaron here. Cougar-tastic! [Photo: Getty Images]