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George Clooney Is Related To Abraham Lincoln, And These Photos Totally Prove It

George Clooney and Abraham Lincoln

We were totally ready to ignore’s latest “everyone famous is related to everyone else famous” announcement — after all, what could top Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling being cousins? — but then we discovered the above two photos. It took the site extensive digging through the family histories of George Clooney and Abraham Lincoln to come up with a connection in Kentucky, through Lincoln’s maternal grandmother Lucy Hanks. Ancestry’s Michelle Ercanbrack told People that they are half-first cousins five times removed. That may sound distant, but look at how much their expressions match! Despite his prankster rep, there’s always been something stately about Clooney, especially when he’s fighting for a cause.

Incidentally, Tom Hanks has also said he’s related to Lincoln via that maternal side. And Clooney now shares something in common with BFF Brad Pitt, who’s a distant cousin of Barack Obama. Personally, we like imagining that Honest Abe really was a vampire hunter too, making his family forever a mortal enemy to the likes of Robert Pattinson and Prince William, who are distant relatives of Vlad the Impaler. We have very active imaginations sometimes.

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