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Eliza Coupe Dishes on Favorite Happy Endings Moments and Crusty Make-Outs with Adam Pally

Eliza Coupe is back on our TV screens with her new series Benched, but we’re still mourning the loss of Happy Endings. After saying goodbye to the ABC series in 2013, there are still some questions that keep us up at night: Did Jane continue to work for the Car Czar? Will Max ever become a functioning adult? How has Alex successfully avoided the meat sweats with her insane love of ribs?

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The Essential Viewing Guide To Casey Wilson


With Casey Wilson returning to TV in Marry Me, one of the best new sitcoms of the season, it’s easy to forget she breezed through Saturday Night Live for two short seasons before being let go by Lorne Michaels. Since then, Wilson has packed her credits with a number of hilarious TV shows (Happy Endings for one), writing credits (Bride Wars, Ass Backwards), and notable film appearances (Gone Girl).

And for the uninitiated, this is your guide through the hilarious career of one of TV’s standout actresses.

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Adam Pally Opens Up to Jarvis About His Drunk Online Shopping Addiction


I don’t think I’ve ever had the privilege of being in a bromance but the time I spent with Adam Pally in the elevator come pretty close — I’m just sure of it!

Whoa! I mean, he’s just the coolest and so nice! I love him in the online series, Game of Bros, and I’m obviously the biggest fan of his role as Peter Prentice on The Mindy Project. So thank goodness I got the chance to also have him question my taste and love for flannel? Haha. Perhaps my “Best of Flannel” shirt was too much for him but luckily my energy wasn’t! Adam was completely down to chat!

In fact, we talk about his life growing up in New Jersey, his thoughts on playing a gynecologist, and even his alcohol-induced online shopping addiction. He once bought a motorcycle and he hasn’t even been on one. I mean, wow! I learned so much more about Adam in this short time than I have Googling his name while watching marathons of Happy Endings reruns on VH1. Now I’m even more obsessed — heck yes!

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Where To Find Adam Pally, Damon Wayans, Jr. And The Happy Endings Cast In 2014

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Happy Endings is a wonderful little show filled to the brim with pop culture references, bad hair, and Bar mitzvah dancers. Its abrupt cancellation in May 2013 temporarily robbed us of a reason to live simply because of the fact that there’ll be no new jokes from Max and Penny or traditional Serbian folk dance performances by the Kerkovich sisters. But fear not! The series has since been resurrected right here on VH1, and its creators and stars are all over TV and film in 2014.

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We Battle Mindy Project Star Adam Pally In Operation

Adam Pally is emerging as one of the most consistently funny people on TV. He was brilliant as the venomously snarky and constantly unemployed Max on Happy Endings (R.I.P.) and is killing it as bro-doc Peter Prentice on The Mindy Project. He’s also a longtime friend, after we met doing improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC back when people had to text on flip phones. That’s why I feel pretty comfortable asking him about his farts.
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Very VH1: The Mindy Project Star Adam Pally Answers Your Questions Live!

As huge fans of both The Mindy Project and Happy Endings, we’re super excited to be chatting with comedian Adam Pally live on Very VH1. Hilarity is sure to ensue as Adam joins host/comedian/friend, Kate Spencer Friday, 11/15 at 2PM EST.

Don’t forget that Very VH1 is a live interactive video chat, so make sure to ask Adam questions yourself via text or on camera. RSVP now!