Adrian Grenier Gets Wet In Miami

Adrian Grenier

South Beach is the place to see half-naked HBO stars in 2011. A day after Big Love‘s Chloe Sevigny brought her bikini to the waters, Entourage‘s Adrian Grenier showed up for a soak with an entourage of one. Adrian’s band the Honey Brothers were in town to play a New Years’ Eve gig (he’s almost as cute as Justin Bieber when he gets behind the drum kit), but he was apparently in no rush to get back to his Brooklyn home. And who could blame him?

See more photos of Grenier, just missing the cut-off for our Top 15 Shirtless Dudes of 2010, in the gallery below.

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What’s Up With Kim Kardashian And Adrian Grenier?

Whenever Kim Kardashian is spotted out and about with a man, you can be sure to read about her bumpin’ nasties with him. She was even accused of doing Justin Bieber like Mrs. Robinson after the two got sugar-drunk together at PinkBerry’s. So it didn’t surprise us to see a “hot new couple alert!” after Kim went shopping with Entourage star Adrian Grenier yesterday.

But after a little digging, we were surprised to see a previous — and unsubstantiated — report that Kim and Adrian were hooking up between the Reggie Bush and Cristiano Ronaldo eras. Allegedly, the two had tryst in Cabo San Lucas — the same spot where Kim and new beau Miles Austin were recently seen frolicking. It’s possible the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (premiering Sunday) will clear up some of Kim’s private love business. But we’re not banking on it, so stay tuned for more rumors.


I’m Not An A-List Actor, But I Play One On TV


For years, the show Entourage has confused us. Main character Vincent Chase and his lovable gang of loser sidekicks hang around in L.A., living off of Vinnie’s multi-million dollar salary because he is the Leo DiCaprio of this fictional world, the A-list actor everyone loves. And yet Adrian Grenier, the actor who plays the perpetually laid-back and unshaven Vinnie, is not. Grenier is B-list or maybe even C-list when it comes to his fame, not even coming close to the superhero roles Vinnie gets (remember the time he was Anne Hathaway‘s boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada? We barely do either!) I mean, how bad is it that the guy playing his agent is more famous than he is in real life?

So with the premiere of the new season of Entourage and poor Adrian/Vinnie as our inspiration, we thought of ten other actors who sadly are not nearly as famous as the roles they play on TV and in the movies. We have hope that some of them will someday make it to the big time, but unfortunately, for some others, the time seems to have passed. Click through our gallery to see the actors who wish they were their on-screen counterparts.

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Porn Star Sasha Grey Scores A Spot On Entourage


Adrian Grenier’s character Vince is going to have an interesting new romance on the next season of Entourage with notoriously sexy porn star Sasha Grey. The adult-film actress meets Grenier’s Vince Chase in a bar in the fifth episode and sticks around for the rest of next season. “You can’t believe she’s a porn star when you meet her,” Grenier told TV Guide while the show’s creator Doug Ellin said, “I wouldn’t have done this storyline if Sasha passed.” We bet Drama’s going to be hella jealous of his baby bro!

This is Grey’s second mainstream venture; she starred inĀ Steven Soderbergh‘s “The Girlfriend Experience” last year. He also said that the entire story was inspired by Charlie Sheen‘s affair with former porn star Ginger Lynn in the late 1990’s. Wow. You heard correctly… Charlie Sheen was inspiration to someone.


Adrian And Hayden Cut Their Hair: Who Looks Hotter?

Both Adrian Grenier and Hayden Panettiere used a 40th anniversary party for Earth Day in LA to reveal dramatic new haircuts to the paps. Can’t say we’re sold on either shave yet, though Hayden’s David Bowie do is certainly more sleek than Adrian’s Eddie Munster (ok that’s mean, but we miss the locks!). Let us know which look you prefer in our TheFABLife poll and check out the gallery below to see Hayden get freaked out by a Na’Vi on stilts. Heroes, schmeroes, that’s just weird!

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Ed Westwick And Jessica Szohr Stick Together After Bowery Bash

Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr

Gossip Girl‘s Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick know how to fight break-up rumors. First, get caught making out at Super Bowl party. Then start making the scene in NY together, like by attending the hipster-heavy afterparty for How To Make It In America at the Bowery Hotel last night. Among those who also attended the showing of the new HBO series were Adrian Grenier, Agyness Deyn, Chloe Sevigny, Zoes Kravitz and Seldana and Michael Stipe. Check out their red carpet looks in the gallery below.

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Amber Rose And Coco Get Close At Good Hair Premiere

Coco & Amber Rose

Is there such a thing as too much arm candy? Amber Rose and Coco, best known for respectively standing next to Kanye West and Ice-T on red carpets, got rather affectionate at an afterparty for Chris Rock‘s Good Hair in NY last night. Sadly, Mr. “I’d Do Anything For A Blonde Dyke” West wasn’t there to enjoy the moment, but stars ranging from Al Sharpton to Adrian Grenier to Ashanti (and a pregnant Padma Lakshmi!) were in attendance for the screening. Think anyone knew about that $5 million lawsuit against the film?

Check out who else showed up in the gallery below.

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Celebs Celebrate July 4th In Malibu


Celebrities flocked to Malibu this weekend to celebrate their independence. Fun in the sun consisted of long walks on the beach, boogie boarding, playing with babies and pups, and cuddling. Check out our gallery of Jessica Alba, Shia Labeouf, Adrian Grenier, Jenny McCarthy and others relaxing over the holiday weekend. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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