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Who’s the Most Important Member of a Celebrity’s Team?

To live the life of a celebrity you need a few key things: a good makeup artist like Rihanna‘s, to cover up the effects of a bad night, a hair stylist like Jennifer Lopez‘s to give you voluminous sex hair 24/7, and a good publicist to keep all of your dirty secrets under wraps. These jobs are essential in helping you look and be your absolute best — because we’re all basically famous, thanks to Instagram — but VH1 staff members agree that some Hollywood jobs are beyond ridiculous. (We’re talking to you, Kim K.)

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The 100 Hottest Celebrity Bikini Pics Of 2012

Thte 175 Hottest Bikini Photos Of 2012

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, joyful Kwanzaa, and — why not? — happy birthday too, while you’re at it! It’s the holiday seasons, folks; the time of year for giving to our nearest and dearest. And for you, dear readers, we could think of no better gift than 100 of the sexiest bikini photos that this year had to offer! We’ve got some of everybody, and we do mean everybody. There might even been one of you in there. We’ve got that many!

Of course this uber-gallery is presided over by Beyonce, who ruled over our 2012 Bikini Awards just like she does with the rest of the known universe. In fact, she was able to defy time and win the coveted award with pics that were (technically) from 2011. That’s the power of Queen Bey! In addition to her, our list is chock-full of other pop queens like Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga, and big-screen A-listers like Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Alba. TV personalities Maria Menounos and Angela Simmons made a strong showing, too. We’ve also got shots from the usual suspects like reality star Kim Kardashian, never-shy Twitter mama Adrianne Curry and Coco, the Patron Saint of Donks.

Some of our very own VH1 stars like Mob Wives’ Drita D’Avanzo and Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada put in an appearance, as did Hunger Games leading lady (and our personal favorite) Jennifer Lawrence. Professional hotties Kate Upton and Brooklyn Decker look straight out of the pages of Sports Illustrated, while Victoria’s Secret Angels Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima are simply heavenly.

So tear off the wrapping paper and dive in to our terrific 2012 retrospective of everyone’s favorite two-piece. Happy Holidays!

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Stick with MTV as we count down the Best of 2012, including the Best Songs of 2012, Live Performances, Movies and EDM Videos of the year.

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Adrienne Bailon Blames “The Wind” For Her Scandalous Wardrobe Malfunction

Adrienne Bailon revealed a little more than her questionable fashion sense on the Escape To Total Rewards red carpet last Friday. And by “a little more,” we mean “her entire crotch.” Luckily Russell Simmons checked in with the former Cheetah Girls star, who offered a tearful, confusing explanation for her scandalous frock. “The wind blew and despite what other girls may do, this is really a terrible accident to me,” Simmons reported the actress saying on his Global Grind site. “I’m really upset, but I’m even more upset about what my parents might think. I want to be known for my talent. I love the idea of being sexy, but I’ve never been in this business to sell sex, I’ve been in this business to sell my talent. The truth is, when you look at the pictures, you don’t realize that the wind really did blow my dress, and I don’t really know what else to say about it.” Well, we have a few more things to say about it, such as:

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Battle Of The Bulge: Kourtney’s Neck Ruffles Vs. Adrienne’s …Torso Poof?

Everyone was looking a hot mess at the Escape to Total Awards red carpet events last night (Cee Lo Green, we’re looking at you here), but Kourtney Kardashian and former Cheetah Girl (and Rob Kardashian ex) Adrienne Bailon manage to stand out from the rest. Just like their weird ruffles stood out from the rest of their outfits! Maybe it’s just us, but we appreciate fashion risks, not the risk of accidentally suffocating yourself with your own bizarro dress.

In L.A., Kourtney’s Elizabeth collar somehow managed to look both boring and absurd, though if she wanted us to forget that she’s massively preggo, she did a good job. Our brains doesn’t even register her bump next to those frills! As for Adrienne, her awkward front frock is the only thing hovering between her and the chilly New York wind. Not that she cares, apparently. As the former Disney star told Celebuzz, “If I could come out naked, I would. This is just some fancy stuff to throw over my little naked body.” Uh…huh. Maybe we should feel grateful for that mess of fabric then. Thank you, odd beige cloth! We owe you one!

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Naked Pics Of Cheetah Girl Flaunting Butt Hits Web

Adrienne Bailon is one of the hotties in the Disney-endorsed girl group The Cheetah Girls, and she’s also engaged to Kim Kardashian‘s brother Robert. She’s mostly flown under the D List radar, but her stock is about to explode after semi-nude pictures of the cute singer flaunting her bare ass were stolen off her laptop and leaked onto the web. A thief nabbed her computer at JFK airport, and while it was eventually returned, he made off with the sexy photos which were apparently taken as a gift for her and Robert’s anniversary. Looks like she’s marrying into the right family!

Adrienne apologized to her fans through her lawyer, and she’s also gearing up to take legal action against the sleazebag who stole her stuff. But we’d urge Adrienne to check out her ranking on Google Trends and then thank the guy. Before we saw her butt we had no idea who she was, and now we can’t get enough! This is how her future sister-in-law made her career blossom, after all. We smell success – and it’s all thanks to her ass.

Wanna see Adrienne nekkid? Check out the pics, but remember, they aren’t NSFW! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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