Game Of Thrones Star Aidan Gillen Draws The World Of Westeros

Game of Thrones star Aidan Gillen stopped by VH1 to talk about his role as Petyr Baelish aka Little Finger and his new film, Beneath the Harvest Sky. During his chat with Ellie, we challenged him to Game of Draws to test his artistic skills. While drawing the world of Westeros, he reveals that he was drawn to his new film because of the father-son dynamic. The role is a far cry from his current character on HBO’s hit series.

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Game Of Thrones Star Aidan Gillen Says Littlefinger Sees Sansa Stark As A “Partner In Crime”

Our favorite spring pastime this year isn’t hanging out in the sun, but speculating on what’s going to happen on Game of Thrones next. VH1 News sat down with Irish actor Aidan Gillen, who plays Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger, on the HBO fantasy epic and we got him to open up about why Littlefinger is sweet on Sansa Stark and why King Joffrey “needed to be stopped.” Warning: SPOILERS from last night’s episode are ahead.

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