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Archer to Re-Reboot and 25 Spoilers for Season 6

ARCHER -- Pictured: Sterling Archer. CR. FX

After breaking away from the original concept to explore a world of drug cartels and ‘80s references in season five, FX’s Archer returns to the spy game when the show comes back in January. During a panel at New York Comic Con, it became evidently clear that Vice is very much in the past — though the departure did earn the series its first Best Animated Series Emmy nomination — when FX screened the first episode. The cast also shared some spoilers that made us antsy for the return of the series.

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Our Kind Of Gun Show: Guess The Celebrity Arms!


We think arms are one of the most under-appreciated body parts around. I mean come on, what’s better than a good hug? Oh, yeah, a good hug from your favorite celebrity. The stars are known for sculpting and toning every last inch of their biceps, delts, triceps and forearms just for our viewing pleasure. The least we can do is be able to I.D. them on sight. Do you think you can tell the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Mario Lopez, Jamie Campbell Bower, Aisha Tyler and more without seeing their faces? Prove it now!

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Celebrities Storm The Avengers Red Carpet, The Men Win This Round

Remember how Scarlett Johansson told Flare magazine that she was the “only girl in the film,” and that she is “obviously going to be more aware that I’m surrounded by a bunch of suits. Everybody is going to be wearing black and grey and it will be nice to add femininity and some female sex appeal to the lineup. I think I’ll steer clear of the tuxedo”? She was talking, of course, about her film The Avengers, which premiered last night in L.A. And no matter how much “female sex appeal” she brought, the men were the clear winners of this round.

Scarlett herself wore a little black dress by Versace which we’re still trying to love, but all eyes were on the dudes. Robert Downey Jr. was flamboyant in an eggplant suit while Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner were all sharp in different shades of gray. Alexander Skarsgard looked totally hot in a black suit, sans tie and white shirt and was accompanied by his father, Stellan Skarsgard. Samuel L. Jackson brought on his A-game in white. A smattering of other celebrities attended as well, and to see what Aisha Tyler, Mark Ruffalo, Dominic Monaghan and such wore, take a look at our gallery below.

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Stars Nominate Charlize Theron, J.Lo, Tilda Swinton For Best-Dressed Of 2011

Are you having trouble deciding who among our list of 30 lovely ladies was the best-dressed celebrity of 2011? You’re not alone. We posed that question to a number of other famous folks on red carpets and in the VH1 offices, and many were stumped. But when they did finally answer, they gave us a few names that didn’t make our original list — and now we realize it easily could have been a top 50. Watch on:

“I always think Charlize looks amazing,” Aisha Tyler told us.

Questlove put his choice in context: “The best-dressed celeb of 2011 was J.Lo, considering the tragedy she went through this year. I feel like she’s put on a brave face and she came out smelling like a rose.”

There was a bit of nepotism at play too: “My wife, Paula Patton,” Robin Thicke declared, and Bill Hader nominated his SNL co-star Kristen Wiig.
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Justin Timberlake, Minka Kelly, Kellan Lutz Heat Up GQ Men Of The Year Party

At last night’s party for the GQ Men of the Year, our friends over at MTV News asked a very important question: Who would win in a fight, GQ’s Men or People’s Sexiest Men?

“I’ll take on the whole entire cast of Parks and Recreation. I’ll leave Justin [Timberlake] to take care of Glee and Jimmy Fallon could karate-chop the rest of those guys,” GQ honoree Jay-Z joked. And Joe Manganiello, who made People’s list of 25 Sexy Chests to Be Thankful For (amen!), had the most brilliant idea: “I think we should do it for charity!”

While we get in line for tickets to that one (please, powers that be, make it happen!), let’s take a look at some of the hottest fashions on display at last night’s festivities, from men (the likes of Kellan Lutz, Armie Hammer and Josh Hutcherson) and women (Minka Kelly, Sarah Silverman, Emma Roberts and more).

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