So Many Celebs, So Much Fashion At WWD 100th Anniversary Gala

It would appear that anyone who has ever worn clothes was in attendance at the Women’s Wear Daily 100 Anniversary Gala last night. Fashionistas like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Iman, Anna Wintour, and Michael Kors were there, both Top Chef hosts, Padma Lakshmi and Katie Lee, were there (was that weird?), and then there were the total randos: Henry Kissinger, Jessica Szohr, Alex McCord. Seriously, elbow combinations you never dreamed of were rubbing last night. The one thing they had in common though was that everyone looked amazing. Check out our gallery to see what we mean.

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Alex McCord Grows A Pair

Real Housewives Of New York star Alex McCord has fun playing with balls at the BNP Paribas Taste of Tennis event in New York on August 26.

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“Real Housewives Of New York” May Dump The Only Good Thing About The Show


We may not love New York anymore, after learning that “Real Housewives” producers are thinking of dropping wacky wannabee richies Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen from the show. Their reasons are, as Rahm Emmanuel would say, “f*cking retarded.” According to an inside source, viewers don’t “connect” with the pair. Says the spy, “All of the other women’s story lines have interwoven, yet Alex and Simon have kept theirs separate. It isn’t nearly as interesting as the other Housewives’.”

Who the eff is the insider, Ally Zarin? We connect plenty with Alex and Simon. Why just this summer we were cavorting on St. Barths in the off-season, wondering how we could waste thousands of dollars, when we remembered Alex and Simon’s insane shopping spree on the island and followed their debt-inducing lead! And this past weekend we bought a $2 million dilapidated Brooklyn brownstone and made the decision not to renovate it, thanks to Alex and Simon’s inspirational design aesthetic. Sure, the source accuses Simon of being diva-ish and claims he wants to be an euqal part of the show even though he’s not quite a Housewife, but where else would we have gotten the courage to wear a Speedo year-round, if not for Sir van Kempen?

Maybe it would be easier for Bravo to understand our passion in French, the language we’re forcing our children to learn: Nous aimons Simon et Alex! Le Bravo serait stupide pour se débarasser de eux. En outre, le Français est une langue prétentieuse!

Take that, Bravo!  [Photo: GettyImages]