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Cameron Diaz Adds Diddy To Her List Of Really Random Hookups

There really is something about Cameron Diaz. The lovely leggy blonde has had dozens of leading men in her nearly 20 years as a film star, but she’s had almost as many in her personal life too! Cam has been romantically linked to such diverse (some would say “random”) dudes as Justin Timberlake, baseballer Alex Rodriguez, and even self-proclaimed Mind Freak, Criss Angel. But now it looks like she can add Diddy to her list of snuggle buddies.

Eyewitnesses told the New York Post that she and Diddy were mackin’ it at at the Dream Downtown Hotel on Saturday night. It was apparently after 1 a.m. when Diddy arrived at her table, and soon the bottles of Ciroc started flowing. “They were kissing and making out,” and being “very affectionate” as they danced before leaving together in the wee hours of the morning, the source said. Despite this, reps for both stars claim that the meeting was purely platonic. “They just friends,” said Diddy’s publicist, while Diaz’s agent insists that they were simply discussing a movie project. Sure…

Check out more guys who have “discussed movie projects” with Cameron Diaz in the gallery below!

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Thanksgiving Diet: Feast On These Hot Celebs

Relax, we’re not actually going to give you diet tips on this, the most holy of holidays for food lovers. We’re merely suggesting that if you’re anything like us, it’s hard to remember that there will be consequences if we ask for second helpings of mashed potatoes and pie. We slip into a food coma and wake up just long enough to eat the leftovers. So we thought we’d provide this little visual inspiration: 24 hot celebrities — from Britney Spears to Henry Cavill, Pippa Middleton to Hugh Jackman, Adriana Lima to Jennifer Lopez — who have bodies we’d basically kill to have, and who work hard to get them. Maybe seeing them jog, lift weights and strut their assets will inspire you to get off the couch. Or you might just want to sit back and enjoy the view while munching on a turkey leg. That’s the kind of freedom those pilgrims came here to attain, isn’t it?

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Bill Clinton, Cameron Diaz And A-Rod Are Dinner Buddies

Here’s a combination so odd that it actually almost makes sense. Last night Bill Clinton was spotted dining in South Beach with Cameron Diaz and New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. The power trio were spotted at the steakhouse Prime 112, perhaps discussing marijuana inhaling, or just talking about their love of New York, it’s still unclear. It’s pretty hard to be inconspicuous when you’re three of the world’s most famous people and you dine al fresco, but they seem to have enjoyed themselves. Hillary Clinton must not have gotten the Evite.

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Alex Rodriguez, Player And Actor


Alex Rodriguez is obviously taking a leaf out of girlfriend Cameron Diazs book. A-Rod is turning into an actor, making his debut in the appropriately named Friends With Benefits,  which also stars Cammy’s ex boyfriend Justin Timberlake. The movie, which also has Mila Kunis attached, will start filming this month around New York. Apparently, folks are wondering if Cameron will make a cameo too. All we know is that A-Rod’s not playing himself and the movie is about “two friends as they come out of disastrous relationships.”  Ohhhh, is A-Rod playing the rebound guy?

The baller will also be sharing screen space with Woody Harrelson, Patricia Clarkson, Emma Stone, and Andy Samberg. What do you reckon? Can A-Rod act? Will Cameron’s inevitable coaching lessons make a bit of difference? Or will he just take off his shirt and let his pecs do all the acting?

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Gwyneth Paltrow Brokers Peace Between A-Rod’s Ladies


Alex Rodriguez should thank her Royal Goop-ness Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s very possible that she’s trying to mend fences between A-Rod’s ex, Kate Hudson, and his new gal-pal, Cameron Diaz. Paltrow was spotted dining with Diaz at The Lion a couple of days ago. She was soon after seen with Hudson at Quattro at the Trump SoHo along with Stella McCartney and Naomi Watts, where a source noted, “They were having a great time and appeared to be deep in conversation.”

K.Hud had just finished taping the Letterman show and the three actresses had earlier attended McCartney’s 2011 spring showing. Who knows what they were talking about: Goop-approved cleanses or their feelings toward Cammy D?

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Cameron Diaz Does The Walk Of Shame


So it’s settled. Alex Rodriguez is a player. A player player.  Look at the guy’s batting curve: Madonna, Kate Hudson and now Cameron Diaz. The NY Post’s is reporting that something’s definitely brewing between the Yankees’ MVP third baseman and the legs-that-go-on-for-miles actress. They had dinner together on Saturday night at Hotel Griffou with their newly single pal Kate Winslet, and photos of her leaving the next day reveal that she stayed the night at the baller’s NYC apartment (Score!). A source reported, “They all shared a delicious meal and several bottles of French red wine.”

Life and Style says the two “were all over each other” at the CAA Super Bowl Party and an insider close to A-Rod told the mag, “A-Rod’s with Cameron. They’ve been keeping it quiet, but they’re totally together.” When the photogs weren’t around, “Cameron had her hands all over Alex’s back, and they were dancing together. They also left the party together that night.”

That’s not all, folks! “Alex recently arranged to fly Cameron to Miami,” a second insider revealed, “He used to fly Kate Hudson there all the time, and no one knew they were dating for a long while. Alex is very discreet.”

So K-Hud had a positive effect on his game last summer. Will Cam-D make him an MVP?

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Jesse James Inducted Into Adultery Hall of Shame

Adulterers Hall of Fame: Jesse James, Tiger Woods, Jon Gosselin

While Jesse James still has quite a long way to go before he catches Tiger Woods’s record of sixteen (and counting!) extramarital affairs, his recent shenanigans with heavily tattooed webcam models have quickly skyrocketed the Vanilla Gorilla into the Adultery Hall of Shame. It’s an exclusive club —from what we hear, there’s a secret handshake and everything— that is made up of some of the world’s most famous actors, athletes and politicians. Past inductees into the hallowed club include the likes of Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton, Michael “Air” Jordan and Jon “Still in Search of a Catchy Nickname” Gosselin. Take a gander at our photo gallery below to see what other lecherous lotharios made the list.

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Are A-Rod And Cameron Diaz An Item?

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz

Attendees at CAA’s Super Bowl bash in Miami Saturday may have been amused to see Alex Rodriguez grinding on the dancefloor with Cameron Diaz, but at least one tabloid has stepped up with an anonymous source to suggest this was more than an innocent flirtation. “A-Rod and Cameron have been totally hooking up,” some bean-spiller totally told OK! Magazine. Not that they can say when and where the pair have been sharing these secret rendezvous. After all, hasn’t she been busy squatting on top of co-star Tom Cruise on the set of Knight And Day when not practicing yoga in the Caribbean?

The who-dated-who web is getting pretty tangled if these two are actually an item, as the Enquirer suggested Kate Hudson tried to get over her split with A-Rod by macking on Justin Timberlake at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Timberlake, of course, is a long-time “friend” of Hudson’s who dated Miss Diaz before hooking up with the now-long-suffering Jessica Biel. Complicating things further, A-Rod’s ex Madonna straddled Justin on stage more than once when hawking “4 Minutes” in 2008. Whether or not anything untoward has happened between them, A-Rod and Cammy certainly have plenty in common.

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Kate Hudson Talks A-Rod With Madonna, Struggling With Split

Kate Hudson

While Kate Hudson and Madonna understandably didn’t pose together at Tuesday night’s Nine premiere in NYC, the New York Post says Alex Rodriguez‘s exes had plenty to talk about at the afterparty. “When the cameras were on Kate she was all smiles,” said their source. “But privately you could tell she has had her heart broken…It was her big premiere, and she was upset Alex wasn’t there to support her.” Would Madonna have shown up if he was going to be?

Though their alleged split has been credited to Hudson’s desire for publicity or commitment (or, depending who you ask, both), the Post says she and Rodriguez are trying to work things out. “They had a huge fight in London at the premiere of Nine, and Alex flew to Miami to hang out with his friends. But in the last few days he and Kate have started speaking again on the phone. She hopes they can work things out. But they are both very stubborn.” If they don’t patch up, just make sure not to play Jay-Z‘s “Empire State Of Mind” around her again. “When the song was played at the after-party, Kate looked at her mom [Goldie Hawn] and did a fake scream.” Aww, the Yankee anthem was their “Look Of Love”…or at least “Rollin’ With The Homies.”