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Are Cameron Diaz And Alex Rodriguez Moving In Together?

Who knew these two were getting so serious? Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz are apparently house hunting together. Presumably to share, that is. Come on, admit it. No one thought they’d last, especially taking Alex’s track record with the ladies into consideration. But proving everyone wrong, RadarOnline has photographs of the couple happily checking out mansions on a sunny Florida day.

And they’re not looking at any old mansion, obvs. Apparently, Cam and A-Rod had an estate agent show them a Sunset Island Property worth $5.35 million. It’s tricked out with six bedrooms, five bathrooms and a massive outdoor swimming pool. So when’s moving day guys? We’re ready to cannonball that pool right now.

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What’s Grosser Than Gross? Cameron Diaz Feeding A-Rod Popcorn

As the clock turns 4 p.m. this afternoon here on the East Coast, our guacamole-and-Bud-Light-induced hangover is finally receding from the beachhead it established in our frontal cortex early this morning, which means we’re just now starting to be able to look back at Super Bowl XLV and parse out exactly what happened. Yes, Christina Aguilera flubbed the lyrics to the national anthem somethin’ fierce, Groupon decimated all of the goodwill they had built up thanks to one a tone deaf ad and the Black Eyed Peas turned in a lamentable halftime performance but, thankfully, those aren’t the kinds of moments that will haunt us in our sleep for all eternity. However, the same cannot be said for the ghastly three seconds of footage that Fox aired yesterday of Cameron Diaz feeding Alex Rodriguez popcorn.

If you have a strong enough stomach, follow along for our frame-by-frame breakdown of what was going through A-Rod’s head during the most traumatic thing to happen to the popcorn industry since the death of Orville Redenbacher.

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Alex Rodriguez And Cameron Diaz Back Together? Which Means They Split Up?


How did this not go off on our radar? Oh right… it’s because we forgot this was even happening. Our bad!

Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz were so on a couple of months ago. We loved watching his ex Kate Hudson‘s reaction with great amusement, especially when her royal Goop-ness Gwyneth Paltrow was roped in as peacemaker. And then we got lazy and bored. And just didn’t care anymore. So, unbeknownst to us, A.Rod and Cam.D quietly drifted apart towards the town Hollywood knows so well as Splitsville.  Ergo, it came to us as a surprise when we found out that Alex and Cameron were back together. Apparently, the Yankees stud had been “hanging out” with a yoga instructor which got the celebrity couple to take a break. Yoga instructor, guys. Means she was bendy. And sadly, Cameron and yoga aren’t a good match.

Either way, they’re back together now, having been spotted working out and then sunbathing together in Miami. Which means Cameron’s probably got some secret moves of her own. Take that, random yogini!

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