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The To Do List Talking Points: 10 Essential Facts

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In case you missed the memo (called Sex and the City), we ladies like our sex comedies as raunch as the next guy. And The To Do List, this weekend’s entry into the “losing it” subgenre of sex comedies, is just the kind of raunch we love most — not too graphic or demeaning, just enough to make you not want to watch next to your parents. If, like the movie’s control freak valedictorian Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza), you don’t want to enter the theater without doing your homework first, read on for the 10 essential things you should know about this weekend’s new release:

1. You don’t have to have gone to school in the ’90s to enjoy it, but it’s like 100 times funnier if you can sympathize with the characters’ terrible taste in music, hideous prints, worship of Eddie Vedder and Hillary Clinton, and complete lack of cell phones or Google. Picture this, kids: instead of Tumblr, you would decorate your wall and your Trapper Keeper with your favorite magazine articles and spreads.
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The Only Thing Cuter Than This New Best Coast Video Is Its Director Drew Barrymore

A Best Coast video directed by Drew Barrymore starring Chloe Moretz, Alia Shawkat, Miranda Cosgrove, Donald Glover and that Teen Wolf dude (Tyler Posey), you say? Why that sounds like some sort of hipster-twee hurricane of awesomeness! Indeed it is, bested only by the behind the scenes video which features a glorious amount of Drew’s signature lispy-ness. Bonus: Chloe Moretz describing actor-y things with the kind of sincerity only a 14 year old can possess.

Check out the lovely video for “Our Deal” above and the behind the scenes video below the jump. We’re embarrassed to tell you this, but we got choked up at the end. Damn you Moretz/Drew/Teen Wolf dude!

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