Why Lifetime’s Brittany Murphy Movie Is a Disgrace To Her Legacy

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

 By Christopher Rosa

Lifetime aired its buzzed-about biopic on the late Brittany Murphy — aptly titled The Brittany Murphy Story — Saturday night. Controversy reached a fever pitch last week when Murphy’s father Angelo Bertolotti told Examiner he is “outraged” by the “hideous, unauthorized, and completely untrue” film. However, after watching the movie, he isn’t too far off-base. 

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Video Vixens By The Numbers


August was an amazing I <3 Video Vixens month full of iconic vixens, hunks in trunks, the hottest hip hop video vixens of all time and much more. But we’re not done yet. Did you know Alicia Silverstone wrote a book or that Naomi Campbell has more fragrances than you’ll ever need in a lifetime? Here are some fun and interesting vixen stats that will rock your world and make you love these vixens even more.

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A Guide To the Best Romantic Comedies Streaming on Netflix

Clueless: Cher and Josh

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We’re always looking for a good romantic comedy, be it for a movie night with friends or a rainy Sunday afternoon in solitude. In recent years the output has been bleak — will anyone admit to seeing Gigli, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, or The Ugly Truth? — but we can’t help but hope and pray that soon an adorable on-screen couple will whisk us away to a land of meet-cutes and apartment parties in a tidy 90 minutes. Read more…

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Alicia Silverstone’s New Gig … Endorsing Vibrators! No, We’re Not Joking

Alicia Silverstone Endorses Vibrators Online

So here’s the thing about Alicia Silverstone. Everything she does is so … Alicia. Catch our drift? Like, naming her son Bear Blue, and then feeding him by spitting in his mouth. It’s done with some much conviction and she truly believes she’s livin’ her vegan, nature-lovin’ life the best she can. So when we hear that Alicia is now endorsing vibrators, we were wondering how this would fit in her grand hippie-ish scheme of things? Yes, you heard right. We did say that Alicia was endorsing vibrators. And get the name — Leaf Vibes. It’s totally Alicia’s eco-conscious steez! The actress has been shilling the toys online and her personal message on the website — which comes with an “educational video“, not featuring her sadly — makes us want to walk down the street hugging people and throwing out peace signs simultaneously. “Ok, ladies — sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra … something … when you’re getting it on (solo, with your partner…whatever floats your boat). There is one personal massager company that’s actually kinder than all the rest,” she writes. Because what we want from our sex toys primarily, is for them to be kind and compassionate. Apart from telling us that they’re, “phalate-free, super-soft (and safe) silicone, and they use rechargeable batteries” and that the packaging is also made from recycled materials, Alicia likes that they, “come in a bunch of different shapes, all inspired by nature. I like that they look natural and feminine … like leaves and flowers … not scary.” Flower-power vibrators? Is the era of free love upon us again? Alicia nails it in the end with one of the best closing statement ever: “It’s nice to know that you can get your green on and your groove on at the same time!” If that doesn’t make the vibrators sell out, we don’t know what will. Goodbye, Rabbit (c’mon, you know you remember it from Sex and the City.) You had your time in the sun!

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Happy 36th Birthday Alicia Silverstone! Look Back At Her 20 Most Awesomely Crazy Looks Of The 90s

For most of us, Alicia Silverstone defined 90s style. Or rather, her fabulous character Cher from the classic Clueless did! The plaid skirts, the berets, those sunglasses…everything about it makes us want to throw on some acid washed jeans, pound a Surge, jump into our Volkswagon New Beetle and blare “Steal My Sunshine” as loud as we can. People did that stuff, right? Was that just us? That’s what was so great about the 90s: It was a lawless time when you could totally do your own thing, like wearing white bell bottoms and a cowboy hat, a leather jump suit, or a leopard print see-through blouse. It didn’t matter!

And trust us, Alicia did all of those things. We’ve got the proof in the gallery below! The lovely Ms. Silverstone turns 36 today, and spends much of her time with her boy Bear Blu, and feeding him like a momma bird by spitting chewed food into his mouth. There’s a sentence we never thought we’d write! But she’s never far from her movie past. She has a recurring role on Suburgatory as the love interest of her former Clueless costar Jeremy SistoThe universe wants them together, you guys!

In honor of Alicia’s big day, we’ve assembled her 20 most awesomely crazy looks from that fashion free-for-all that we call the 90s. Enjoy!

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Based On The New Trailer, Vamps Is Scratching Every Part Of Our Clueless Itch. Oh, Also Vampires.

It would be easy to compare Vamps to Clueless, if only for the fact that Vamps made possible the reunion of Clueless director Amy Hecklering with her star Alicia Silverstone. While that pairing alone makes the movie exquisitely squee-worthy, there are so many obvious Clueless elements at play in the new film, the Vamps trailer is satisfying a Clueless desire we didn’t even know we had. Not unlike the deep, uncontrollable desire for blood! Okay, so the vampire plotline might make it seem like Vamps falls outside your average “amazing girl comedy” genre. But let’s take a closer look, shall we? Much like Clueless, Vamps provides…

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Coachella Turns Into CelebrityVille For A Second Weekend In A Row

Coachella went down for its second weekend in Indio, California, and as expected, the stars flocked to it again. Last weekend had its fair share of controversies attached to it. Not to the festival per se, but to the many celebrities who attended. What was Lindsay Lohan doing there against her judge’s advice? Who was the mystery dude Emma Watson was with? And what exactly was Rihanna smoking? So many questions. No answers just yet. But in contrast, this last weekend of Coachella seemed easy-peasy.

Some celebrities, like Dita von Teese and Busy Philipps, showed up on both Saturday and Sunday. Dita was also spotted hanging out with pal Kelly Osbourne, and her purple hair. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was seen rocking out to Florence Welch. Twilighters Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed (with hubby Paul McDonald) were there, as well as ex-Twilighter Rachelle Lefevre. Joe Jonas hatted up, while Joe Manganiello (and yay for this) took his shirt off. But the cutest photographs by far, were of Alicia Silverstone with her son Bear Blu. Top marks for the baby-size noise-cancelling headphones! Look out for all of the action in our gallery.

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Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Child By Spitting Into His Mouth

So. There we were, eating lunch at our desk and minding our own business, when we came across this video of Alicia Silverstone feeding her child by spitting chewed up food into his mouth. And suddenly we weren’t so hungry anymore The actress posted a clip to her blog depicting herself feeding her 10 month-old son Bear Blu like a momma bird. “It’s his favorite…and mine” she says of the unusual eating method. “He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating.” We can’t even begin to imagine what Cher Horowitz would say! Alicia is reportedly a strict vegan, and is raising her boy in the same fashion. Does that have something to do with all this? We have no idea, and we’re probably going to keep wondering for quite some time!

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Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash, Please Join The Clueless Reunion On Suburgatory

It was announced back in December that Alicia Silverstone would be guest-starring on Suburgatory for four episodes this spring, playing a love interest for George, played by none other than her Clueless co-star Jeremy Sisto. For some reason, people just started getting excited about the reunion of Cher and Elton this week. We’re guessing that like us, people are just catching up on the excellent ABC comedy that comes close to rivaling Awkward. as one of our fave teen shows on the air right now (don’t worry, Vampire Diaries, you are a category of your own). Anyway, in the interest of fantasy casting on a quiet, pre-Oscar Friday, we decided to dream up ways to bring other alums from the 1995 classic to Chatswin. (We assume Brittany Murphy would hover over all proceedings as a well-meaning suburban angel. RIP with the homies, Tai.)

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