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Cult Stars Alona Tal, Robert Knepper Lure Us Into Their Show

The appropriateness of promoting a show called Cult at Comic-Con, the headquarters of devoted followers of cult TV shows and movies, was not lost on the stars of the CW’s suspenseful midseason drama. “I can’t wait to hear the reaction from the crowd,” said Robert Knepper, who’d been there before during his Heroes days. And sure the audience there is always eager for a new complicated mystery to unravel. Indeed, the show’s complicated premise — the fanatical followers of a TV show about a dangerous cult are themselves falling victim to some kind of dangerous plot — seems tailor-made for this kind of crowd. They were also excited to see the return of cult-TV vets Knepper (who also starred in Oz), Alona Tal (Supernatural) and Matt Davis (The Vampire Diaries). But what about the rest of the world? Will we all be sucked in?

OK, sorry, we’re not even going to try to answer that in this space. Instead, we tackled another tricky subject with Knepper, who plays the cult leader on the show within the show, and Tal, who plays the show within the show’s escaped cult member-turned-detective: What draws people to cults themselves?

“My husband says this: Everybody wants to be invited to the party,” Tal told VH1. “Everybody wants to be a part of [something]. Everybody wants to be accepted and loved. That’s part of the security blanket that cults, I would assume, offer. You’re part of something so secure and supporting, it could be appealing.”
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