Amanda Bynes Speaks Out: ‘I’m Doing Great’

Amanda Bynes is out of rehab and back home with her parents. According to In Touch, the actress was released five days ago and has been slowly returning back to a normal life.

“I am doing very well,” Amanda Bynes told the magazine on Wednesday. “I’m doing great.”

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Amanda Bynes’ Uglies To Kanye’s Rants: Who Had The Most Regrettable Tweet Of 2013?

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How long has social media been around now? To be honest, it’s sad to see how many celebrities have caught on that spewing their every thought instantly is a bit unwise. But for all those buttoned-up, publicist-heeding spoilsports, we still have the likes of Kanye West, Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan. As we wrap up the best of 2013 this month, we had a good ole time reminiscing about their awesomely unfiltered moments this year. And they weren’t alone. Read more…

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Failed It: The 15 Most Epic Celebrity Meltdowns Of 2013


The pressure of celebrity has got to be pretty immense, and sometimes famous folks can crack under the pressure. Symptoms can range from a few ill-advised tweets, all the way on up to a full scale nuclear meltdown of career-crippling capacity! Regardless of the size, these blowups are always sure to land in the headlines. Whether funny, sad, or just plain crazy, we’ve had some doozys in this past year. Head down below for the 15 most epic celeb meltdowns of 2013!

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Oh Snap! Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga And The Suckiest Celebrity Selfies

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Love them or hate them, selfies provide perfect portraits of how people want the world to see them. Since celebrities are in the public eye for a living, they should be the masters of photographing themselves. They’ve got hair; they’ve got makeup; they’ve got their angles down pat; they’ve got things all wrong? The 20 celebrities on our list are usually on point when they point and shoot photos of themselves, but these selfies are sucky disasters!

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5 Halloween Costumes You Shouldn’t Try In 2013


Because being an adult means we can no longer throw on a bed sheet and demand free candy from our neighbors, Halloween has become more of an ordeal as we get older. We want a costume that stands out from the sea of sexy mice and “bad” (in a good way) female police officers, which can require serious time and thought. When it comes to Halloween ideas, we love nothing more to draw from pop culture–and so do celebrities! But like Julianne Hough and other blackface blunders have proven, not everything was meant to be copied solely for holiday party entry.

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