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Superstorm Sandy Anniversary: 10 Stars Caught Volunteering

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Whether Superstorm Sandy seems like it was really long ago or really recently depends on whether your home was affected by the floods that swept up New York and New Jersey’s coastlines — some people are still putting the pieces of their lives back together. But on today’s one year anniversary, we just wanted to take a second to remember the good that came out of the storm: So many people, rich and poor, regular joe and super famous, came together to help those in need. We saw the best of the Jersey Shore cast, Alec Baldwin, Emma Watson, Amar’e Stoudemire, Justin Timberlake and more.
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The 15 Sexiest Ballers Of The NBA Playoffs

It’s NBA Playoff season – aka The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for those of us who love to oogle at arm muscles and guys with legs as long as tree trunks. We’ve handpicked fifteen of our favorite lanky ballers who make the games that much more enjoyable for us to watch. Check out our picks below and feel free to foul us if we’ve missed your favorite. See what we did there? We made a basketball reference! Proof that we’re not just watching because we like the eye candy…though it sure doesn’t hurt!

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