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Amber Tamblyn, David Cross Had The Most Picturesque Wedding Ever To Be Photographed By Questlove

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross got married

If you are planning a wedding anytime soon, we highly suggest you befriend Questlove immediately. Not only can the guy play the drums for your processional and DJ the reception, he can also apparently photograph the event like a boss, as you can see from the photos he tweeted from last weekend’s wedding of Amber Tamblyn and David Cross. Of course, the fact that the bride wore a stunning, canary-yellow dress; the whole thing went down in the mountains, with the leaves changing; and the guests included a few photogenic folks like America Ferrera, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Jason Ritter, Kristen Schaal and Amy Poehler might have helped him quite a bit.

We absolutely love the Roots drummer for letting us feel like we were there — you can almost hear Yo La Tengo and Mission of Burma playing, live, at the reception. His Instagram essay begins with a pic of a sign that reads “2A Is a No Poop Zone,” explaining: “This weekend I went to the most awesome wedding ever. We had to camp in the woods. This sign greeted me.” We’re not going to ruin the beauty of this with any more words, except to say we’re super excited to see Amber back on the big screen in Django Unchained, and yeah, probably more excited to see David back on Arrested Development in January.

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Amber Tamblyn And David Cross Are Betrothed

If David Cross and Amber Tamblyn’s engagement is proof of anything, it’s that true love can endure all of life’s trials and tribulations, including all these jokes we’re about to make about their age difference.

Tamblyn’s rep confirmed to People today that the 47-year-old star of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret and the 28-year-old actress, recently of House fame, will be getting hitched. The two started dating publicly in 2009. Similarly, Cross started his sophomore year of college when Amber was in utero. We’re just kidding, you guys! We wish David and Amber the very best; unlike Cross’s character Tobias Funke on Arrested Development, may their marriage find them both ever-nude.

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Jennifer Aniston Sings At Broadway Benefit

Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

While we hate to imagine it was the highlight of the night, Jennifer Aniston‘s rendition of “Yellow Submarine” was apparently one of the most memorable moments from last night’s 24-Hour Play event on Broadway, which raised money for the Urban Arts Partnership. Aniston and her pals acted out 6 10-minute scenes that were written, cast and performed within a 24-hour period. Apparently a bit of a date night, some of the couples attending included Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore, Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber, Emily Blunt & John Krasinski and David Cross & Amber Tamblyn. See who else came out for the kids in the gallery below.

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Amber Tamblyn And David Cross Joke About Their Relationship


When we heard that Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star Amber Tamblyn was dating comedian David Cross, we didn’t quite see the connection. Tamblyn is 26, Cross is 45. Tamblyn has starred primarily in teen-centric films and TV, while Cross is somewhat iconoclastic and known to be kind of moody. Basically it was a weird match. But Tamblyn and Cross both have a dark sense of humor, as evidenced by a recent interview Tamblyn gave to Parade magazine. The entire interview is marked by sarcasm, as Tamblyn makes fun of Twitter and reveals that she has a dark side that the public rarely sees, and when asked about the relationship, she said, “The first thing I do when I meet someone is to make sure that they are at least 20 years older than I. Age is first. What we have in common actually comes way after making sure that they are much older than I am.” Not to be taken out of context, she adds “I’m being 100% sarcastic here. This is where you say – ‘Comma, she kids.’”

While she has a sense of humor about the age difference, she must also have a sense of humor about how Cross referred to her in his new book entitled “I Drink For A Reason.” Rather than mentioning that they are living together or acknowledging her in a romantic way, he writes in his About the Author section “[David] is currently f*cking Amber Tamblyn.” Um. Guess those traveling pants ended up on the floor. [Photo: Getty Images]


Older Men And Younger Women: A Timeless Combination

With Linda Bollea breaking Hulk Hogan‘s heart and cavorting with some 19-year-old stud, it’s important for the older men of the world to remember that they too can enjoy the pleasures of young flesh (and without being all Michael Lohan about it). 32-year-old producer Mark Ronson is considerably younger than Bollea, but he and 19-year-old model Daisy Lowe are already talking about marriage after five months of dating—Bollea and her beau will be lucky to last that long. Ronson and Lowe have taken to calling each other “The One,” with Lowe claiming “he is a total lush, my best friend and I can’t face life without him.” It doesn’t get better than a teenager who enjoys your alcoholism, folks. Meanwhile, the blossoming relationship between 44-year-old comedian David Cross and 25-year-old actress Amber Tamblyn reaffirms that, if you’re famous and funny, young women will see past the balding, the greying beard and the crankiness, and let you in their traveling pants. Take heart, aging male hipsters. Take heart. [MyPark/Bauer-Griffin]

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