Free Spirits: The Best Cleavage Styles Of The ’70s Are Making A Comeback Today

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Let’s not mince words here. American Hustle, more than anything, was a foray into the many and varied ways into which Amy Adams‘ cleavage could be exposed. From spangly dresses with plunging necklines to the more humble wrap around dress, Adams’ greatest assets were consistently and brazenly on display. Not that anyone is complaining.

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Oscar Nominations Remind Us Of These Much More Important Movie Numbers

OK, by now we’ve had these numbers hammered into our brains: American Hustle and Gravity have 10 Oscar nominations apiece, 12 Years a Slave has nine, Oprah Winfrey has zero. But after we’re done with the echo chamber of awards season, what are the stats that will really matter to us? Here are 0: The number of bras that Amy Adams wears in American Hustle 2: The number of times Sandra Bullock has now faced and Meryl Streep in an Oscar category 3: The number of cats who played Ulysses in Inside Lleywn Davis Read more…

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane … It’s the 10 Sexiest Superhero Girlfriends, Ever!

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Superheroes kick all kinds of ass, but behind every caped crusader is a brainy, busty hottie holding him down (and she’s usually a reporter — what’s that all about?). With Lois Lane (Amy Adams) poised to stop nerdboy hearts when Man of Steel debuts this weekend, let’s look at our 10 favorite superhero GF’s of all time!

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