Who Wants To See The American Pie Reunion? Probably Not The Stars Who Went To The Original Premiere

American Pie lovers (all both of yous) will be happy to hear the news that most of the film’s stars have signed on for one more sequel called American Reunion. It’s not that we hate the movie—we actually quite enjoyed it when it came out—but any goodwill toward the film was lost with each subsequent sequel (American Pie 2, American Wedding) and spinoff (American Pie Presents Band Camp, American Pie Presents The Naked Mile, American Pie Presents Beta House, American Pie Presents The Book Of Love) that came out of the franchise. But now, there will be (at least) one last hurrah.

American Reunion has signed every major actor from the film (though Alyson Hannigan is still a maybe) to reprise the roles they played in the 1999 film, with Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy, and Seann William Scott among them. If you weren’t really paying attention back then, this movie was a phenomenon, a must-see blockbuster that was unprecedented for its raunchiness, which explains the star-studded turnout at its premiere twelve years ago. We unearthed some amazing photos from that hot summer night in 1999 of some serious A-listers at the premiere and it made us wonder: Would these people be caught dead at the premiere for American Reunion? Probably not, but check out the gallery and see for yourself.

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[Photos: Getty Images]