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Amy Winehouse Under The Impression She Dresses Like An “Old Jewish Black Man”

Amy Winehouse’s fashion sense has always moved between styles, but who knew it also transcended race, age and the space-time continuum? When told that some people think of her as a style icon, Winehouse replied “I don’t think that’s true. I just dress like … I’m an old black man. Sorry! Like I’m an old Jewish black man. I just dress like it’s still the ’50s.” Oh lordy. Well, at least she said sorry. That makes all of us!

So the question here is, has Amy…seen her herself recently? Like, in a mirror? Maybe Winhouse was rocking vintage for a while back in her hey day, but most of her recent outfits have more in common with Forever 21 than 1956. And we’re almost positive that the majority of eldery Jewish African-American men aren’t rocking plunging necklines that best highlight their implants, or match their gold hoop earrings to the tattoos peaking through their mesh tank-tops. If we’re wrong, then someone has the most amazing grandpa alive.

According to the interview in Harper’s, Winehouse’s newest venture is a collection with designer Fred Perry, which we can only assume has the skin-tight pencil skirts, revealing v-neck blouses and flirty halter-top dresses that every grandparent loves. When it hits stores, be sure to pick up something for yourself, and a little something for your Pop-pop!

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Amy Winehouse Claims She Hasn’t Done Drugs In 3 YEARS!?!?

Somebody call a doctor, a lawyer and an exorcist now, because apparently Amy Winehouse hasn’t done drugs in 3 YEARS. W-w-which means…whatever is wrong with her…is not drug-related! Says Winehouse,”I’m much healthier now. I used to use drugs and I haven’t used drugs in almost three years. It’s not a hard thing. I literally woke up one day and was like, ‘I don’t want to do this any more’.” Oh no! Could her hair have absorbed so much heroin that it’s still seeping into her brain? Because we cannot believe that is true! Here is just a short list of Amy’s antics over the past year or so that were apparently in no way caused by drugs!

What we’re saying is: that list could probably be used by doctors and the police to screen for drug use. Oh, wait a minute…Amy’s not counting booze, is she? *Phew* That explains everything! It seems that family planning, not just avoiding an early death, is what’s driving Amy’s sobriety this time: “I’m of the age when you start thinking about it. Although I’m not going to be getting pregnant in the next nine months!” WHERE IS THAT EXORCIST?!?! WE NEED NEED TO GET HIS NUMBER ON SPEED DIAL STAT!


Amy Winehouse: They Tried To Make Me Pull My Dress Up, I Said “No, No, No”

Amy Winehouse and her date Reg Traviss look nice from a distance, don’t they? The couple was out in London last night at a Shaka Zulu launch party (who hasn’t been to one of those, am I right?). But really, Amy is what Cher from Clueless refers to as a “Monet”, nice from a distance, but up close she’s just a big old mess. That’s because Amy was not only rocking the full-on nip-slip pretty much all night long, but she was also doing the oh-so-2006 move of exiting her ride while revealing what lies beneath. We’re thankful she wore underwear, but still, by this point there should be a school for celebrities where they learn how to demurely get out of a car. Check out all the pics in our gallery which is not terribly safe for work.

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Amy Winehouse And Blake Are Not Back Together, Says Goddaughter

Though British tabloids really want to see Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil rekindle their twisted relationship, Wino’s goddaughter and “best friend” Dionne Bromfield says the former lovers—whose divorce was finalized in July—only met last weekend to end it once and for all. “They are definitely not together. Amy met Blake to call things off, no other reason,” said the singer’s goddaughter. “She’s single, she’s not with him. She can do so much better than him.” Like that was ever the issue.

This isn’t the first time Bromfield’s tried to douse rumors of their reunion, so don’t expect the hubbub to stop just because she says it should. But we’re guessing the aspiring singer is a more reliable source than Blake’s mom, who says the pair are remarrying. After all, Amy hasn’t slapped Bromfield with a copyright infringement suit like she did her ex-mum-in-law last summer. Still, what do you bet will come first—a remarriage or, heaven forbid, a new album?


Single Katie Price Storms Ibiza In Her Bikini


When a breakup knocks a celebrity down, they do not stand right back up. First, they go to some faraway tropical paradise to lick their wounds. Take Amy Winehouse or Lindsay Lohan, for example. Amy fled to St. Lucia after her Blake Incarcerated allegedly bumped nasties with a German model and Lindsay hit Hawaii after getting dumped by Samantha Ronson. (Okay, some celebs may never stand back up).

Now it’s Katie Price‘s turn. Pictures have surfaced of the model/entrepreneur showing off her voluptuousness on the party island of Ibiza a month after hubby Peter Andre filed for divorce. Currently engaged in a PR battle (she’s been dubbed “callous” and “cold” by the British press), she might want to steer clear of booze and men — at least for another month or so. Getting called a “tramp” is the last thing she needs.

Insane factoid of the day: Both Katie and Peter will have their own reality TV shows chronicling their divorce. What?! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Kate Moss Goes For World Partying Record

Is it the worldwide “Behave Like A Cliche Of Yourself” week for celebs, or what? We’ve got Amy Winehouse returning to Camden to get drunk, Russell Brand working his way through the women of Australia, and also Kate Moss partying at every opportunity offered to her. The supermodel was out AGAIN in London last night for the fourth night on the trot, and judging by the look of her hairstyle, she hasn’t had much chance to shampoo during this busy week.

She turned up at Volstead with boyfriend Jamie Hince and NBF Jo Wood to attend the Singstar Queen karaoke launch. It doesn’t appear (yet) to have been quite as exciting as Kate’s appearance at the “Mummy Rocks” charity auction the night before. There, she auctioned off a kiss for £5,000 before snogging the face off Jamie. Tonight, we’re sure she’s got a pile of ironing to get on with. [Photos: Splash News Online]


The Most Fabulous Celebrity Engagement Rings

When celebrities get engaged, it’s all about love – yeah right! When stars decide to get hitched, everyone will be looking at the engagement ring, so it better be a good one! When Hayden Christensen recently popped the question to OC starlet Rachel Bilson, he did a very good job of picking out a classy diamond for his lady love. How did other stars fare when they decided to make their love forever? From Jennifer Hudson to Beth Ostrosky to Carmen Electra, it’s all about the bling. Check out our gallery of the most fabulous celebrity engagement rings! [Photo: Splash News Online]


Amy Winehouse Jets Back From Longest Vacation Ever

We thought it was never going to happen – but Amy Winehouse has finally stopped being on vacation. Arriving back from her two-month jaunt to St Lucia, Amy put all that good work at looking  and behaving vaguely normal behind her. Instead, she reportedly got into a fight on the plane when a man gave her “strange looks.” And she dusted off the old beehive wig, shook out those ballet pumps and squeezed on her skinny jeans again to rock out like it’s 2008.

As if our sense of déjà vu wasn’t enough, she’s arrived back just as estranged husband Blake Incarcerated has been released from jail, and gone straight into the arms of model Sophie Schandorff who’s been spotted at his parents’ home. And her mother-in-law Georgette has made it crystal clear that she’s not welcoming her back with open arms — telling a tabloid paper the divorce is still happening and labeling Amy “a trollop.” Nice welcome home, no? God, if we were Amy, we’d have that post-vacation Depression Face on as well. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Paris Hilton To Be Amy Winehouse’s New Neighbor

A lot has happened while Amy Winehouse has squirreled herself away in St Lucia. Her home has been burgled, Barack Obama has become President, and Paris Hilton has anointed herself as new Queen of Camden. Yep, while she’s taken her eye off the ball, Amy’s status as the reigning celebrity resident of the grimy-cool North London enclave has been usurped by an unlikely imposter. Ignoring the fast-melting status of UK property, prudent Paris decided now was the time to invest her cash in a $2.8m London pad.

“After inspecting some open-plan warehouse-style conversions, the model-turned-TV reality star was blown away by a six-bedroom house — skipping distance from Winehouse’s favorite watering hole The Hawley Arms — and declared: ‘That’s Hot!'” says the Mirror.

Yep, it’s been threatening for a while to turn into a paparazzi-infested theme park, but the final nail’s been hammered into the coffin. Paris Hilton has officially killed Camden. Thanks. [Photo: Splash News Online]