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Taylor And Conor, Mila And Ashton Top The Best 9 Hook-Ups Of Summer 2012

New Celeb Couples Summer 2012
The hot sun, the warm sand, the intoxicating scent of bug spray: yes, the summer time is prime time for hook-ups, both celebrity and original flavor. From the clam-chowder-and-madras-plaid love of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy, to the surprise engagement of Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger (their wedding is going to be designed by Hot Topic, right?), check out our favorite hook-ups from summer 2012, and wish you hadn’t spent the last three months inside on your computer:

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Rumor We Love: Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen Hang Out In Croatia, Ergo Must Be In Love Forever

Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen Hang Out In Croatia

More like Watch What Happens Love! Okay, we’ll readily admit that was a horrible joke. We are just too excited for witticisms, now that we caught wind of the fact that Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen could possibly, potentially, allegedly be dating. Based on their respective Instagram pics, Gawker deduced that the Anderson journalist and Bravo late night host are vacationing together in the romance capital of the world: Croatia. “Look who just took the same instagram pic as me @bravoandy,” Cooper tweeted earlier today, along with a shot of Cohen beaming in front of a sunset. Why not put it in sky writing, you guys? Actually, could you do that? That would make things easier for us, both legally and emotionally-speaking.

Add to this the facts that 1) photos emerged yesterday of Anderson’s boyfriend Ben Maisani making out with another dude and 2) both Cohen and Cooper have taken down the photos captured by Gawker, and all signs point to some sweet, sweet, Kathy Griffin-approved lovin’. Besides, even if they’re just friends now, who can resist the erotic power of a Croatian sunset? Literally no one. Oh man, just thinking about their celebrity wedding makes our hands go number with gleeeeeeeee.

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Wanna See Coco Hit A TV Host Repeatedly With Her Butt? OK!

After the comedown from a weekend filled with Mad Men and Hunger Games premieres, this Monday was starting to look pretty bleak. But then, like a gift from the entertainment heavens, came this clip of Ice-T’s wife Coco whacking TV host Andy Cohen with her butt. Oh joyous day! The model and star of Ice Loves Coco appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live to discuss the supreme court ruling on healthcare. Just kidding, she was there to talk about her butt. And of course she also tried to tell it apart from pictures of her boobs (it’s harder than it sounds).

But don’t think the interview was just an excuse for gratuitous booty shots. We learned some vital facts about Coco, too! When Andy asked her what part of her body she was most shy about, she responded as only Coco can. “I don’t have a shy part. No, I’m an exhibitionist!” Ya think? She also admitted that the craziest place she’s ever had sex was in the car…while Ice was driving. Maybe that’s why Ice got pulled over the other day? Hmmm…

Click below to see the full clip in all its bootyful glory!

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Ralph Fiennes Reads Harry Potter Erotic Fan Fiction For Your Listening Pleasure

If Harry Potter erotic fan fiction is your thing, then this post is for you. If listening to Ralph Fiennes dramatically read Voldemort/Harry slash fiction out loud while wearing adorable pajamas is your thing, then maybe the Secret really does work. What other explanation could there possibly be for something so delightfully specific? And filthy?

Stopping by Andy Cohen‘s Watch What’s Happening Live on Bravo last night, the Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows: Part 2 villain was cajoled into reading some erotic fiction starring none other than He Who Cannot Be Named himself. Not having a nose or a sense of morality has never been so hot! “How is it possible that the touch of this evil man could feel so wickedly good?” Fiennes reads. We’ll let you listen to rest of the NSFW video yourself since it’s sort of scandalous. Though extremely fictional! And about fictional characters! Man, we thought our crush on Ralph Fiennes could never get any bigger. Or…um…our crush on Voldemort. We are so ashamed.


Bravo’s Andy Cohen Says The Children Of P.S. 22 “Ruined” The Oscars

Hey, we’re all for ripping on the 2011 Oscars, but leave the kids alone. While most of the criticisms of last Sunday’s show revolved around James Franco & Anne Hathaway being upstaged by Billy Crystal & the ghost of Bob Hope, Bravo’s inescapable VP and reunion show host Andy Cohen told the folks on Morning Joe that it was P.S. 22′s rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” that ‘ruined everything.’

There was a thing called ‘Up With People’ in the ’70s or ’80s. Here’s what: Oscar night is not about Up With People. Like, I don’t need to see that. It was just bad. It was just awful. It was horrible…A public school chorus singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I literally — if I wasn’t going to go out to some parties I would have slit ’em right then. It was the worst. I was looking for a knife to stick in my eyes, it was so terrible. Everything has its time and place. The end of the Oscars is—we don’t want to see this. You just ruined everything.

While having the winners march out mid-song was a bit much, we’d argue that the presence of sweet little schoolchildren would be welcome if the show didn’t shoehorn them into a weird “old movies meets new media” theme that the hosts and writers were too incompetent or too indifferent to get over. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin would have had no problem setting up the stage for these sweethearts last year. And wasn’t it worth it just to see when Anne Hathaway told P.S. 22 they were going to Hollywood? Though Cohen swore that he loved, loved public schoolchildren before his rant, anyone who thought P.S. 22 was the worst part of the show probably hates kids just a little.

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