Andy Dick Sued For Rubbing Genitals On Comedy Club Attendee

Considering how many people have been fondled by Andy Dick without consent and exposed to his genitals, it’s a little ironic the comedian’s being sued by someone who actually paid to see him. But yes, a man who went to a Dick show in Dallas late last year wants damages after the Celebrity Rehab regular whipped out his Dick-and-Andys from under a dress and rubbed them on the poor guy’s face. By the way—the fellow disappointed by his encounter with Dick’s genitalia while Andy was dressed like a woman? His last name is Tucker. Dick vs. Tucker. Boom.

While we certainly wouldn’t want to be among Dick’s many molestees, and would likely feel “degraded and humiliated”  if we did somehow wind up with a cheek rub from Andy’s Dick, we’re a little intrigued by the victim’s claim that he’s been “harassed and ridiculed by the workers he supervises as well as his management peers.” Did the entire company go to the Dick show? Did someone take a photo? There’s a story here, and it’s not that Andy Dick will be in jail for a long, long time if they ever make a “three strikes” rule for public indecency.

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Andy Dick Arrested For Disorderly Conduct, Gets New Mugshot

The good news is this mugshot is a lot less frightening than the Joker-esque mugshot Andy Dick took in 2008. The bad news is that Andy Dick just took another mugshot. The former Sober House resident was picked up at a Temecula, CA restaurant last night for being the same (allegedly) drunken wreck that has been thrown out of everything from comedy clubs to coffee shops to the AVN Awards. The comedian claims to have entered rehab 11 times, according to a recent podcast interview with Marc Maron. Andy was let go after posting $500 bail, but has yet to give his two cents on the matter.

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Andy Dick Photographed Allegedly Snorting Cocaine

Hello, train wreck! RadarOnline has just published photos of Andy Dick allegedly doing cocaine at an L.A bar’s parking lot! The supposed coke bender also had its fair share of groping a la Andy. A source at the Corner Club says that he walked into a bathroom and saw Andy hooking up with a woman commenting, “I walked in and I saw that freak Andy Dick sucking on a woman’s [breast]…. He was all over her in the men’s bathroom, she was lifting his shirt and he was kissing her naked breasts.” Our first though was ewww. Our second thought why would anyone let that washed up tool anywhere near their person.

Post his restroom make-out Dick and his lady pal went to their car where the source overheard the actor saying, “give me the coke, give me the coke”. The photos depict Andy supposedly snorting the coke off a CD sleeve in the car while intermittently groping his make-out buddy’s breasts. Class acts, these. The source added, “They were in their own little world. He was oblivious to everything except the cocaine and the woman with him.” Not the first time Dick’s been in trouble. We’re kinda losing track of his stories. The recent ones that come to mind are him harassing Tera Patrick and being thrown out of the AVN awards, the Dick being arrested for sexual abuse, and groping an underage girl. It’s enough to give Charlie Sheen a complex!

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Andy Dick Harasses Tera Patrick, Drag Queen, Thrown Out Of AVN Awards

Looks like Andy Dick‘s 2011 won’t be any better than his 2010. Almost a year after the comedian’s arrest for groping a bartender in West Virginia, Andy Dick was kicked out of the annual AVN Awards in Vegas this weekend after harassing porn star Tera Patrick and drag queen ChiChi Rodriguez in a dressing room. “”You couldn’t understand what he was saying, but you could hear Chi Chi saying, ‘Leave me alone!'” a witness told Page Six. “Tera grabbed Chi Chi and went into another dressing room, but boom, there he was again. This happened three or four more times. He had a cup of beer, which kept spilling. Finally, this huge security guy came over, snatched the beer out of his hand, and said, ‘That’s it, we’re going!'” Judging from our 2011 AVN Awards red carpet gallery, there was still plenty to be entertained by after he left.

Despite a stint in Dr. Drew’s Sober House in 2009 to curb his penchant for drunken lewdness, Dick has continued his aggressive ways, following that January ’10 arrest with two more incidents that Spring. Though he blamed an attempted break-in that April on a wine-tasting relapse, Dick flashed his dick in an LA coffee shop last October. Hey, LAPD—if you get tired of chasing Lindsay Lohan, there’s always this guy.

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Andy Dick Exposes Himself In A Coffee Shop

Andy Dick can be such a…Dick. The confrontational (read: annoying) comedian shocked patrons of an LA coffee shop by drunkenly flashing his penis recently. Witnesses say that he was sitting with a small group of friends when he suddenly turned, kissed one of the guys on the lips, exposed his no-longer-private parts and took off on foot.

“He was really belligerent,” a source told RadarOnline. “He was outside yelling at a celebrity tour bus that was going by saying, “I’m right here, I’m right here! [Then] he stood up, took out his d*ck and said something like, ‘This is me!’ It was all really weird. He was so drunk and out of it that I actually felt bad for the guy.”

Andy has quite the history of showing off his stuff in public, most recently getting kicked out of a house party in July for flashing guests. Will this mean another trip back to Celebrity Rehab? Or is he just trying to remind us who started the whole inappropriate naked shenanigans thing in the wake of Taylor Momsen’s infamous flash and Charlie Sheen’s nude hotel trashing? Whatever the case, just zip it, Andy.

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Andy Dick Arrested For Sexual Abuse

Andy Dick

Sober House star Andy Dick was arrested on sexual abuse charges early Saturday morning, following a performance at the Funny Bone club in Huntington, West Virginia. “My old lady knew he was pretty big deal and she wanted a picture with us three in the picture,” accuser Justin Hayes told Radar, who spotted Dick at the local bar Rum Runners after his show. “I went up to tell him—it was loud in the bar and I had to get towards his ear and then he started kissing me on the neck…I backed up and he started going towards my private area. It pissed me off really bad.” An intervening security guard accused Dick of attempting to grab his crotch, leading to the arrest.

Though Dick has a long history of invading personal spaces—from his 2008 groping of an underage girl outside a restaurant in LA (for which he’s on probation), to his physical removal from Jimmy Kimmel Live after grabbing Ivanka Trump, to the tongue bath he gave guests at Comedy Central’s William Shatner Roast, the comedian has asked fans to not to assume the worst. “There are two sides to every story,” he responded via Dr. Drew Pinsky‘s Twitter. “Please reserve judgment until you hear mine. Thank you.” Dick, having posted bail was back at the Funny Bone Saturday night, joking “are there any cops in the building?” According to the club owner, there were about thirty.

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Andy Dick Avoids Sexual Battery Charge For Last Month’s Drunken Rampage

Yanking down an underage girl’s tank top is illegal, but it isn’t sexual battery! Troubled comedian Andy Dick was charged with the crime in July after seemingly mistaking a Buffalo Wild Wings in Murietta, CA for a celebrity roast, harassing diners and publicly urinating. But the drunken tug the cops called “sexual battery” has been changed to “basic misdemeanor assault” by the Riverside County D.A.’s office. Dick, who has a long history of invading the personal space of others, is also up for possession of marijuana, possession of Xanax without prescription, and public intoxication. Still, the lack of a felony charge should put another creepy, creepy smile on the Gropemaster General’s face. [E! Online]