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Emmy Statements: Can You Guess The Celebrity Red Carpet Jewelry?


We have mixed feelings about Sunday night’s Emmys — we’re generally happy about the winners, there were a few funny moments, and yeah, we cried a little too. But from a fashion perspective, our overall reaction was, “Meh.” Except when it came to the bold earrings, necklaces and boulder-size rings on some of the attendees. We imagine the carpet was crowded with bodyguards trailing million-dollar baubles on loan to the stars (we love imagining the heist in which someone pries a ring off Giuliana Rancic’s hand on live TV!). How well did you pay attention to the rocks and sparkles on your favorite celebs on Sunday night? Now’s your chance to test your knowledge, and get a closer look at these new jewelry trends.

First, who wore this tourmaline ring?

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Fall TV: The 10 Hottest Movie Stars Joining Fall TV Shows

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It used to be that the hottest stars in Hollywood would never deign to leave the movies to join television, but this fall, movie stars are invading television. We can’t wait to welcome the 10 hotties on this list into our homes on a week to week basis.

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10 Stars Who Should Have Bigger Careers


Every year, there are a few actors who break out in a big way. (Think: Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids.) The actress immediately turned her supporting role into several big hits at the box office. And then there are actors like Isla Fisher, who made a big splash in Wedding Crashers, but failed to become a stand out on her own. We love her, we support her, but we want more for her. She and the nine other names on this list are those break out stars that we wish had bigger careers.

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An Exclusive New NSFW Movie 43 Trailer Means, Of Course, New Offensive Things We’ll Laugh At

Just in time for Martin Luther King Day, we have for you an exclusive red band trailer of the movie specifically designed to offend people of all races, creeds and sexual orientation, Movie 43. In the most hilarious way, of course, because that was MLK Jr.’s dream, right? When the first trailer came out, we pointed out the things we couldn’t help but laugh at, even though we knew we really shouldn’t. This new trailer includes many of those again — Anna Faris‘ indecent proposal to Chris Pratt, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber bullying their home-schooled teen, Terrence Howard’s totally racist basketball coaching technique — and a couple of other jems, namely:

  • Kieran Culkin and Emma Stone debating which of the Golden Girls was “the slutty one.”
  • Elizabeth Banks pointing out to Josh Duhamel that their cartoon cat masturbates to pictures of him.

Josh Duhamel in Movie 43
Ew. But jeez, can you blame him?

[Photo: Relativity Media]

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Movie 43 Trailer: Which A-Lister Is Most Hilariously Offensive?

There are so many hilariously offensive lines and scenarios in the trailer for Movie 43, we’re having a hard time imagining how many more will fit into the full-length movie. It’s a veritable Scary Movie for the PC crowd. After watching it a couple of times, we’re a little more immune to the shock. Our innocent ears can now fully embrace the humor. Here, for your cataloging pleasure, is a list of all the terrible (amazing) things these stars do and say:

  • Anna Faris asks real-life husband Chris Pratt, “Will you poop on me?”
  • Emma Stone asks Kieran Culkin, “How’s your HPV?”
  • Halle Berry blows out a blind kid’s birthday candles on a dare.

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Snooki? Gisele? Tamera? Play Our Guess The Celebrity Baby Bump Game, Summer Edition!

Celebrity Baby Bumps

We begin staring at them, wondering if they’re merely the result of a big burrito lunch; then, soon enough, we marvel at their size in proportion to their petite carriers and placing bets on when they’ll pop — yes, we’re talking baby bumps. Particularly those sported by our favorite pregnant celebrities. It’s fascinating how some famous ladies, like Megan Fox and Gisele Bunchen, play coy for months, hiding behind cleverly draped dresses or simply ignoring questions when we know they’d never allow themselves to acquire food babies like the rest of us. Others, like Snooki, Tori Spelling and Vanessa Lachey, flaunt their bumps like crazy, posting pics on Twitter, posing in front of the paps in revealing outfits. To each her own!

But once again, we’d like to make their beautiful maternal bodies into a fun little game to while away your summer afternoon. Guess the celebrity baby bump! And don’t cheat by studying the thumbnails here; that’s just silly.

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[Photos: Getty Images, Splash News Online, Twitter]

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Baby News Round-Up! James Marsden Expecting A Model Baby, Anna Faris Reveals Her Baby’s Sex

Caleb Followill Has Baby; Anna Faris And James Marsden Break Baby News

It’s models having models up in here! But first, baby news from the woman we model our life after (that’s a good segue, right?)(But seriously, the woman is married to Chris Pratt. Chris. Pratt.) Anna Faris. “He’s doing great!” the Dictator actress gushed at the Samsung Galaxy S III launch yesterday, letting slip that she’s expecting a boy. “We’re growing every day!” The actress and her Parks and Rec star husband are expecting their son in the fall, which means we have over two months to find a spouse…get pregnant…uh, star in several Scary Movie sequels…and meet Sacha Baron-Cohen to catch up with her. Wow, we have not been using our free time wisely at all, have we?

Now to the actual get-paid-to-be-hot model moms: 30 Rock star James Marsden is allegedly expecting a child with model Rose Costa; Marsden has two other children with ex-wife Lisa Linde, from whom he split in October after 11 years of marriage. Marsden and Costa are no longer together, but what better than an adorable baby to bind to insanely attractive people together forever? Meanwhile, Kings of Leon singer Caleb Followill and Victoria Secret model spouse Lily Aldridge welcomed their undoubtedly gorgeous daughter Dixie Pearl yesterday morning in Nashville. No, seriously. Look at this couple and imagine their offspring. There can be no doubt:

[Photo: Getty Images]

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Anna Faris’ Undies Join Her On The Red Carpet For A Dictator Premiere Wardrobe Malfunction

Anna Faris Wardrobe Malfunction At The Dictator Premiere

We knew there was a reason we liked Anna Faris. Besides the fact that she’s adorable and talented and is currently pregnant with husband Chris Pratt‘s future comedy genius baby, of course. No, the reason we like Anna Faris so much is because she apparently takes the time every day to put on a pair of underwear. Wardrobe malfunctions might happen regardless, but at least Anna Faris is prepared for it. Do you hear us, Miley Cyrus? Do you hear us, everyone else in the world?

The What’s Your Number? actress was the victim of some powerful, perverted winds at the U.K. premiere of The Dictator in London last night, where she pretty much upstaged everyone else on the red carpet from Isla Fisher to Sacha Baron Cohen arriving in a race car escorted by a battalion of beautiful ladies. Well, upstaged is a subjective word, but we’re posting about her instead of them, soooooooo… The fact Anna was able to do all that while keep some shred of her dignity covered by underwear means we’d like to give all the kudos to her. Is there some kind of award we can give his woman? An Oscar for Most Dignified Flashing Of The Year? Yes, we know it’s not being filmed for a movie, but maybe it can be one of those lifetime achievement-type dealies?

[Photo: Splash News Online]