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Bai Ling Claims That Lady Gaga Jacked Her Style, Bizarro Fashion War Ensues

Lady Gaga has gotten flack for allegedly ripping off Madonna‘s  boundary-pushing performances, constantly evolving provocative wardrobe and even the sonic sounds of her records. But now Momma Monster is fending off accusations from a figure more infamous than famous: Bai Ling. The model/actress/VH1 Celeb Rehab star appeared on The Howard Stern Show over the weekend and told the King of All Media that she feels Gags has ripped off her signature bizarro style. “Yes, [she stole my look] for sure, and I hope one day she’ll dress like me and come on your show,” she vented to Howard.

Can someone have a trademark on simply dressing in an increasingly insane manner? We guess it depends on who rocks the crazy the hardest. So there’s only one way to settle this: a wacky-fashion-off. Look out, ladies and gentlemen, it could get ugly … really ugly. These ladies don’t give a damn about wearing stripes with plaid, or raw meat with lace. Join us in the gallery below to see who emerges victorious in the battle of the craziest fashions!

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The 20 Sexiest Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of All Time


It’s that time of year again: when women of all ages dress up in as little clothes possible, paint some whiskers on their face and call their costume a “sexy cat.” While we’ve participated in our share of “Slutoweens” (dare we confess: we dressed as an actual prostitute for Halloween in 7th grade), celebrities just seem to nail the sexy-spooky look better than we normals ever could. Sure, we’ve tried to pull of the skanky mermaid costume for years now. But Mariah Carey will always do it better, you know?

Mimi, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, CoCo, Selita Ebanks, Ashley Greene – all these ladies have sexed  it up on October 31st, but only one can be awarded the crown for Sexiest Halloween Costume of All Time. We pick a winner below!

20. Heidi Klum
19. Ashley Greene
18. Jenny McCarthy
17. Monique Coleman
16. Paris Hilton
15. Briana Evigan
14. Carmen Electra
13. Lydia Hearst
12. Kendra Wilkinson
11. Selita Ebanks
10. Holly Madison
9. Christina Milian
8. Khloe Kardashian
7. Mariah Carey
6. Audrina Patridge
5. Kim Kardashian
4. CoCo
3. Bai Ling
2. Mariah Carey
1. CoCo

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“Celebrities” Come Out To “Celebrate” The Lakers


Magic Johnson held a victory party for the L.A. Lakers last night at West Hollywood club Trousdale, and people you never would have guessed were Lakers fans showed up. Namely Bai Ling, whose credibility only extends to that one episode of Lost she was in, Playboy Playmate Luann Lee and Cindy Margolis. Put the three of them together in a room and all of a sudden you forget why you’re there, it just becomes a perfect storm of crotch shots, mugging at the camera and uncomfortable bystanders. We don’t doubt that they’re proud of their hometown team, but they sure have interesting ways of showing it. Like table dancing and boob-grabbing. Not that we’re judging.

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“Sexy Singles” Event Sets A Low Bar For Sexy


Last night, hordes of “sexy people”  ventured out to Plush in L.A. to be congratulated by OK! magazine for their “sexiness” at a “Sexy Singles” event. We don’t  think we’re that wrong for keeping the word in quotations here, the sexy levels here were questionable, bordering on trashy. As Nina Garcia would say on Project Runway, “I question their taste level.”

Just looking at photos from the event made us feel as if we got sucked into a wormhole to the 1980s, as you can see from the photo above of British singer Lolene, who we had to Google just to make sure she wasn’t an extra from the “Rico Suave” video. Bai Ling might have been the most recognizable name at the event, a low bar for both fame and sexy if ever there was one. For more photos of the minidress-heavy, taste-deficient red carpet, check out the gallery of Z-listers below.

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Bai Ling Brings The Heat To “Splinter Cell” Party

Bai Ling

You got a license for that thing, Bai Ling? The scantily-clad actress was just one of several surprising attendees wielding weapons at the launch party for “Splinter Cell: Conviction.” Captain America Chris Evans we can see playing video games, but Mary Carey and Joel McHale? Audrina Patridge? Lindsay Lohan? Either the LA freak parade just couldn’t find much nightlife on April Fools Day, or these guys are bigger nerds than we realized. See all these noobs and more in the gallery below.

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Star Celebrates “Young Hollywood”: Who Would You Least Want To Party With?

Tabloid parties always bring out the strangest crop of celebs—these are folks who actually want to be associated with the mag—and Star‘s celebration of “Young Hollywood” at Voyeur last night was no exception. Lindsay Lohan hit the party before her father-fueled Twitter freak-out, joined by such promising young stars as The HillsStephanie Pratt, future Twilight-teer Boo Boo Stewart (love the funny t-shirts, champ), Phoebe Price and Jenna Dewan, as well as admirers of youth like Perez Hilton, Bai Ling, Jonathan Schaech and Brittany Murphy‘s shady widower Simon Monjack. Just the support Young Hollywood needs!

Check out the gallery and let us know which club rat you’d least like to set the night on fire with in our TheFABLife poll.

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Bai Ling’s Top 30 Zaniest Outfits


Actress and model Bai Ling‘s fashion choices are no less insane than her repeated statements that she hails from the moon and her grandmother still resides there in her childhood home. Known more for her barely-there, attention-grabbing ensembles than her acting work, 43-year-old Ling has become a mainstay on Hollywood’s worst-dressed lists.

We’ve rounded up 30 of Ling’s most out-there outfits, donned on every red carpet from the Grammys to charity fundraisers. Her crazy accommodates all occasions. [Photos: Getty Images and Splash News Online]

1. Neon Nightmare

2. Murder on Sesame Street

3. Bow on the Bottom

4. Leopard and Lace

5. Buttoned-Up and Bizarre

6. Swimsuit with Saddlebags

7. Nipples A’blazin’

8. 24K of Crazy

9. Sequins N’ Suede

10. Pouting in Polka Dots

11. Bai and the Beast

12. Tutu Catastrophe

13. Airport Casual

14. Earless and Bedazzled

15. Out of Control in Overalls

16. Orange You Going To Fix Your Bangs?

17. World’s Skankiest Turtleneck

18. Cutoffs and Kittens

19. Kimono Kerchief

20. Cuckoo For Coral

21. Head-to-Toe Horror

22. Glitter, Sequins, and Fur – Oh My!

23. Floral Fright

24. Hollywood Safari

25. Scaring The Homeless

26. Mini Menswear

27. S&M in the Shower

28. Walk the Plank in Platforms

29. Oops, Bai Did It Again

30. Run, Kitty, Run!

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Bai Ling Blends In At LAX


Bai Ling really hates the paparazzi and confused stares, so she threw on this snoozefest ensemble for her flight out of LAX today. We probably would have added a splash of color– just sayin’.  [Photo: Getty Images]

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Bai Ling Bares In A Stole And Tutu

Bai Ling is a legend in WTF fashion, and don’t you forget it! The actress wore a ridiculous stole-and-tutu ensemble to a Movie Meets Media party in Hamburg, Germany yesterday, making time with James “Son of Art” Garfunkel—he’s only 18!—and dancing up a storm to the delight of paparazzi, who naturally caught a glimpse of nipple. Can you even call this a “wardrobe malfunction”? It’s not like guarding your goodies while you dance is really a stole’s function in the first place. Peep her flashy flashing in the gallery below (NSFW, obvs).

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2009’s Worst Red Carpet Catastrophes


As we bid farewell to 2009, we’d like to take a moment to honor the year’s most atrocious red carpet fashion disasters. So many stars said “yes we can” to terrible outfits that it was hard to narrow down the group to just 9, but the celebrities below truly went above and beyond the call of duty doodie with these craptastic looks. From layers of lace, to body suits and booty shorts, we’ve got the best of the worst for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Sharon Stone – Leather, Lacy And Oh-So Racy
2. Sandra Bullock - Rolled Out Of Bedhead
3. Leighton Meester – Blair’s Barfy Bikini Party Dress
4. Madonna – Sky-High Hair And Skank Boots
5. Gwyneth Paltrow –  Goopy’s Poopy Booty Shorts
6. Bai Ling – Bow-zo The Red Carpet Clown
7. Perez Hilton – Hand Paint N’ Hairy Legs
8. Amber Rose - Imma Let You Finish, But This Is The Worst Body Suit Of The Year
9. Holly Montag – Heidi’s Sister Turned Washed-Up Stripper

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