Jude Law And Sienna Miller: Back Together In Barbados

Jude Law & Sienna Miller

Looks like Jude Law took Sienna Miller up on that invite to Barbados after all! The Sherlock Holmes star took his kids along to spend time with his (former?) ex-fiancee surfside Sunday, where she’s been showing off her bikini body since last week. “Jude told his parents, children and his ex-wife [Sadie Frost] over Christmas that he wants to make a real go of it with Sienna,” a family insider told the Mail. “He really wants it to work this time around.”

Seeing as how last time ended with Law cheating on Miller with his kids’ nanny, his parents may be less than enthused. “They have made it abundantly clear he doesn’t have their blessing. They want him to be happy but think the two of them together is a recipe for disaster,” a source told The Sun. “They believe the relationship was a rollercoaster the last time and they were left to pick up the pieces when it finished.” Between Sienna’s affair with Balthazar Getty and Jude’s illegitimate child, we can’t blame his loved ones for not believing they’ve grown wiser in the years apart.

Watch Jude make a sandcastle with his son and cavort with Sienna in the gallery below.

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Sienna Miller And Jude Law Reunited: We Don’t Buy It


This is our favorite story of the day, because we absolutely don’t buy it. Sure, they are both in New York doing Broadway shows, but there is no way Jude Law and Sienna Miller are getting back together. E! Online reports that they “have met up a few times and got on really well.” Please. They probably met up for a coffee or at the most they are comfortable with each other and met up to bump uglies a few times. An oldie but a goodie. He banged the nanny while they were engaged and now he has an illegitimate baby with a woman he “doesn’t remember.” If those are not two red flags, I don’t know what is. Sleeping with your ex is borderline acceptable, but if Sienna Miller does get back together with him, she really has gone nuts. As if sleeping with married Balthazar Getty wasn’t enough – this would really take the cake. [Photo: Getty Images]


Lindsay Lohan Confirms Restraining Order, Denies Kissing Getty

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan has confirmed to Gossip Cop that she will seek a restraining order against father Michael Lohan, who has threatened to seek conservatorship over the oft-troubled 23-year-old. “If I can’t get a conservatorship, then I’m going to take her to an undisclosed location and get her straight,” the elder Lohan told X17. “But I know I’m gonna get charged with kidnapping. Lindsay doesn’t even know; she thinks she’s herself but with all these prescription drugs and other stuff.” Hey, Mike, some advice: stop threatening people. Doesn’t help you, doesn’t help them.

Just because the rumors were true about who she wants to avoid, that doesn’t mean we know whose presence she enjoys. While admitting they met (“for the first time”), Lindsay swears she wasn’t canoodling with Balthazar Getty in LA last weekend. “Where are the pictures?” sighed Lindsay. “You think I would do that to Sam? I love her.” Wait does that mean she and Samantha Ronson are still together, or that she wouldn’t let her ex catch her with a dude? Sometimes answers only lead to more questions.

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Is LiLo Dating Balthazar Getty?

lindsay lohan & balthazar getty

This is so crazy it might actually be true. Though Balthazar Getty reportedly returned to wife Rosetta after his infamous romance with Sienna Miller (and who knows if that’s over or not), People claims the actor/playboy was out clubbing in LA with Lindsay Friggin’ Lohan last weekend. Spotted by the mag’s source at the nightspot Voyeur, the pair were “all over each other” and stayed for only a half-hour. It sounds like a tabloid fever dream, but People isn’t known for throwing up the usual rumor-mill nonsense. Did he miss the attention he got with Sienna? Can he just not help himself? Way to speed up that divorce if it’s true, Balthy.

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Sienna Miller: I’m Not A Loose Woman


We admit it, we’ve warmed to Sienna Miller over the last year or so. Not only does her exit from a relationship with Jude Law now seem like the luckiest escape any girl could make, she gamely took part in a hilarious spoof Mama Mia sketch for charity and she has a brilliant non-off switch when talking about herself, making her — shocker! — an interesting celebrity interview.

In the latest issue of GQ magazine, Sienna addresses the negative publicity surrounding her relationship with married Balthazar Getty head-on (rather than getting her publicist to ban all mention of it), and expressed her regrets about how it went. “The situation I got into [with Getty] was not ideal but it happened and if I could go back and be more responsible, I would … I’ve always kind of done exactly what my instincts said. I have a good brain on me but I’ve never really used it when it came to making decisions about love, which has been a blessing and a curse,” she said.

Sienna then admitted she knew her name had taken a bashing over the scandal. “I’m supposed to be this complete slapper [i.e., English jargon for a “loose woman”], that’s my reputation. But actually I was in a relationship from 19 to 21 with fashion designer Dave [Neville], 21 to 24 with Jude, then 25 to 26 with Rhys, and then Balthazar. And then a few dalliances, three months here and there, but I’ve never been like a shagger.” We think we might love her. Especially as she promises she is now “single.” Good work! [Photo: WireImage]


Sienna And Balthazar Back Together


Nrrgghh! Sienna Miller looks to be back in the arms of age-inappropriate, marriage-inapproriate, children-inappropriate Balthazar Getty. The two (what we thought were former) lovebirds were spotted on a break in the romantic Italian town of Positano, and kissed each other during a meal at a local restaurant. Sienna was also said to have arrived with her mom  Jo on Friday, which makes their reported split even more unlikely, if he’s now got her approval.

These new snaps come just a few weeks after Sienna spoke about the break-up in Vogue magazine, saying “[A friend]took me out to lunch — funnily enough to a restaurant called Balthazar, which I thought was hilarious, but she never commented on the irony of that — and she said, ‘You’ve been through hell, and you need to talk about it with someone.'” Could she have just performed the best double bluff ever? [Photos: Splash News Online]


Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Balthazar Getty Or Gabriel Macht?

Oil scion Balthazar Getty came out of nowhere to star in 1990’s Young Guns II. Almost twenty years later, second generation character actor Gabriel Macht came out of nowhere to star in The Spirit, which made half as much money as Young Guns II—despite twenty years of ticket price inflation. Both kinda-stars were born on January 22nd. Which one is older?

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Balthazar: Sienna’s Been Treated Unfairly

Yep, Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty are definitely doing the nasty again — because Balthazar is sticking up for her like any other devoted boyfriend (with an estranged wife, four children and a TV show to plug, natch) in the current issue of TV Guide.

“I think Sienna might have been [treated unfairly] … It takes two to tango, man. You can’t just point your finger at one person. Historically, women always get the short end of the stick….they’re [Rosetta and Sienna] both very special people in my life,” he said.

If you call your house being tagged with the word “slut” and vilified in the press treated unfairly, well, you’d be right, there mate. Actually, we’re pleased he’s finally ‘fessed up to having some hand in the whole matter. Or other body part. Ahem. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Sienna Back With Balthazar?

OMG! WTF! Etc! A celebrity spotting has landed which seems to suggest that Sienna Miller — against all our good advice, honestly! — is back with still-married Balthazar Getty. Despite professing herself single a few weeks back and being spotted out on a date with not-married Josh Hartnett,The Sun is reporting that Sienna and Balthazar were walking hand-in-hand through London’s Maida Vale area this morning.

“They looked so much in love. Sienna was clutching Balthazar’s hand and giggling as they strolled along together,” another trusty onlooker says.

Hmmm. There are a couple of options here – a) the spotter got it wrong and can’t tell a dark-haired actor apart from another dark-haired actor or b) Sienna is a glutton for punishment. Sigh. [Photo: Splash News Online]