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President Obama Responds to the Haters, Reads Mean Tweets on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

In effort to continue to prove he’s cool and relatable, President Obama stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to read his own mean tweets. Like celebrities, politicians are used to getting criticized by the general public, and the Commander in Chief is most definitely the person you should humiliate on social media when the price of your beer goes up. Read more…

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Larry Wilmore Goes In on the Oscars’ Whiteness and Rudy Giuliani’s Critique of President Obama

Doing what he does best, Larry Wilmore addressed all things ridiculous and racist on The Nightly Show last night. First up, Wilmore commended host Neil Patrick Harris on acknowledging the whiteness of the Hollywood, before jokingly taking it back by making black actress Octavia Spencer his help for the evening. Read more…


These Michelle Obama Moments Prove She’s the Absolute Coolest FLOTUS Ever

Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon

-Courtney Enlow

The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States was historical for so many reasons, including giving us a historically cool First Lady of the United States. OK, maybe it wasn’t the most important thing about the 2008 election, but Michelle Obama has been approachable, real, and pop culturally aware in ways other FLOTUSes (and POTUSes for that matter) could only dream. Read more…


Photos of Barack Obama Petting a Dog Can Get Us Through Even the Most Stressful of Times

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Whether he’s inspiring hope among downtrodden citizens, playing with kids, pets, or simply chilling in fast casual restaurants around the country, we can’t get enough of President Obama‘s heartwarming disposition. As he celebrates his 53rd birthday today, he’s still juggling international crises and humanitarian issues here at home. However, since he’s so level-headed, he’s always been able to quell any anxiety we may have.

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