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From Natalie Portman And Scarlett Johansson To Clint Eastwood And His Chair: See Which Celebs Have Been Turning Up At The National Conventions

Celebrities at the national conventions

Election fever is starting to go full tilt as we cruise into fall, and celebs of all stripes have put in appearances at the national political conventions to show their support for their favorite presidential candidate! Democrats seemed to have the hotties in their corner, with appearances from Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Kerry Washington and Eva Longoria. Yeah, we all know about how most of Hollywood are Democrats (insert evil liberal media bias conspiracy argument here). But what can we say, the pictures speak for themselves! We also have some rap and R&B artists like Common, and Mary J. Blige bringing the noise and the funk for Barack Obama. Even U.S. Gynmastic sweetheart Gabby Douglas got in on the red, white and blue fun!

Say what you will about their politics, but the Republican National Convention definitely rocked the hardest of the two. Mitt Romney and the gang had a hand from freakin’ Journey! But that’s not all. Axe-men from 3 Doors Down, Lynyrd Skynyrd shredded their strings for the GOP, and Kid Rock, Trace Adkins and Taylor Hicks also showed up to belt a few tunes. Plus, who could forget Clint Eastwood and his incredible empty chair? Head to the gallery below to check out all the famous folks who have made their voices heard at the national political conferences!

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Dude! Jeff Bridges’ Top 10 Grooviest Looks

Jeff Bridges has that rare quality of being a legacy in a major Hollywood dynasty — his father Lloyd had a storied acting career, brother Beau has been in the business all his life — who is also completely un-Hollywood. Today’s Jeff Bridges renaissance started with his Oscar-winning role in Crazy Heart and it’s continued in all it’s fully-bearded glory with his second consecutive Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for True Grit and the hit Tron: Legacy. To pay homage to a man whose career is as diverse as his facial hair, we dug through the archives to find the most amazing shots of Bridges throughout the years. Scouring from the 70’s on, we realized that this guy has a love for groovy jackets and well-groomed mustaches no matter what decade. It’s pretty clear that The Dude has style.

10. The Only Man Who Can Upstage Clooney

9. Sensitive Ponytail Man

8. Full Beard, Crazy Heart

7. Keeping It In The Family

6. Call Sign “Sweet ‘Stache”

5. Mad For Plaid (Part 1)

4. A Star Is Born

3. The Wolfman’s Brother

2. Mad For Plaid (Part 2)

1. Man, Wife And Palm Frond Shirt

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