5 Better Villains For Batman 3 Than Eddie Murphy As The Riddler

How do you follow the biggest, darkest superhero movie of all time? According to The Sun, you hire Eddie Murphy to play a robber who wears a green body tight and leaves clues telling authorities exactly where they can find and arrest him. Yes, you cast Norbit as The Riddler. Gritty!

It took less than a day for Hollywood and everyone else to go “oh, hell no!” to The Sun‘s claims. Rachel Weisz as Catwoman we can accept. She’s hot and she’s British—something director Chris Nolan and Batman Christian Bale will appreciate. But Shia LaBeouf as Robin? Is there no such thing as “too obvious?” Until California passes a proposition that Shit TheBeef must star in every potential Hollywood blockbuster, that’s one casting choice we refuse to accept.

Catwoman aside, we can think of five villains we’d rather see brought to the big screen than the iconic ones hinted at so far. Sure, they’re less famous than The Riddler or Mr. Freeze, but that just means Joel Schumacher hasn’t ruined them.

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