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Ben Stiller, Walter Mitty And The Secret Life Of Iceland

Iceland is a magical place. Between majestic hot springs and the belief that elves roam the countryside, it’s a destination you’ll likely want to return to again and again in your dreams if you’re lucky enough to visit. And with its idyllic landscapes, it’s understandable why the small country in the North Atlantic has become a popular location for film and television.
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Magic Mike To Stacee Jaxx: Who Will Be Summer’s Funniest (And Sexiest) Men?

Mark Wahlberg, Matthew McConaughey, Ben Stiller Summer Movie Preview funny men

As The Avengers kick off summer movie season today with a bang or two (or 100), it’s easy enough to forget that blockbusters aren’t just about men in tights, showing off their massive CGI effects. On some of those sweltering days, you don’t want to step into a theater to worry about the fate of the world; you want to laugh your ass off. We’ve already looked at the ladies doing their part to make the season hilarious, and now it’s time for us to decide which of these sexy funnymen will be the sexiest and funniest at the multiplex from May through August.

This year, we have some double threats — the guys who will make us laugh and fan ourselves: Tom Cruise radiates sex as rock god Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages, Matthew McConaughey sells it as strip-club owner Dallas in Magic Mike, and Mark Wahlberg hides it beneath a manchild exterior as John, the guy who tries to let go of his talking teddy bear in Ted. There are also the funny guys we crush on, no matter how goofy their characters, like Russell Brand as the narrator of Rock of Ages and Andy Samberg as Adam Sandler’s unfortunate son in That’s My Boy. There are the comedians we’d kind of like to take home to mom — Ed Norton and Jason Schwartzman in Moonrise Kingdom, Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill in Neighborhood Watch, Steve Carell in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Chris Rock in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell in The Campaign. And then there are the bad boys we’d keep secret about, Vince Vaughn in Neighborhood Watch and Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator.

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Rihanna, Tom Felton Join The Wave Of Holiday Beach Vacays

Given that our first instinct is to slather them with SPF 75 and follow them around with a golf umbrella, it’s probably better that we’re just catching a glimpse of all these celebrity beach vacations, rather than actually being on those trips ourselves. Off the coast of Maui, Ben Stiller opted for paddle boarding this week, while Brooke Burns swam and Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon canoed off the same island. Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs and ex-boyfriend Lorenze Martone lounged on St. Barts, Cuba Gooding Jr. laughed with friends poolside, Tom Felton partied in Miami and Rihanna tweeted her fans from Barbados. Seeing how happy they all are, we guess we can temporarily ignore the potential for celebrity sunburn. Plus, think about how much vitamin D they’re getting right now! So, so much!

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BAFTA’s Britannia Awards Bring Out Brits, Babes And Ben Stiller

The British invaded L.A.’s Beverly Hilton last night for the 2011 Britannia Awards! The event was held by the BAFTA organization’s Los Angeles chapter, and featured familiar faces like Helena Bonham Carter, Helen Mirren, and Felicity Jones. The Americans were well represented too, with the likes of Robert Downey Jr, Robin Williams and Ben Stiller in attendance. Ben was honored with an award for Excellence In Comedy, which he accepted with (we hope!) a sense of humor. “It’s important to get and give awards and to strive to win awards,” he joked with ET. “I feel as long as people are giving awards or getting awards, for human interaction, it just helps people.”

The Britannia Awards are seen as the low-key anti-Oscars, focusing more on artistic staying power and less on box office receipts and buzz. “It’s all about people who have contributed things over their careers,” explained host Alan Cumming, “so it’s less faddy and markety and less current, and more about celebrating these people for what they’ve done over their entire lives.” Helena Bonham Carter was also honored for her body of work, as was screen legend Warren Beatty and director John Lasseter. Check out more in the gallery below!

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Will We See Lady Gaga, Other Star Cameos In The Muppets DVD Extras?

After years of rumors and vague responses about Lady Gaga‘s appearance in The Muppets, the cameo sadly wound up on the cutting room floor due to time constraints. reports that it involved Gaga and her entourage — Ed Helms, John Krasinski and possibly Eric Stonestreet — in a showdown with Miss Piggy. And they may or may not have done a version of Madonna‘s “Vogue.” We fail to see how ANY OTHER plot point could have been more important than this. But we are still crossing our fingers that this makes it to the DVD extras.

Moviehole has a whole list of cameos cut from the original script. Elmo, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, Rachael Ray, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Christian Bale, Kathy Griffin, Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry and George Clooney were all on the wish list. Of course, many of those stars happen to be very busy and couldn’t squeeze a Muppet shoot into their schedules (Elmo). But a couple of other big names shot scenes that we’re hoping to see one day: Jason Segel‘s Forgetting Sarah Marshall co-star Mila Kunis and Ben Stiller.

Given the movie’s strong performance at the box office over the holiday weekend (natch, it couldn’t beat Breaking Dawn Part 1, but it was a respectable second place), maybe some of those clever cameos will make it into another Muppets movie?

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Eddie Murphy Leaves The Playground In The Tower Heist Trailer

The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Daddy Day Care, Meet Dave, Shrek Forever After: if we said Eddie Murphy has literally spent the last decade making movies for people incapable of tying their own shoes, we would hardly be exaggerating. How can someone make Dreamgirls between Norbit and Shrek 2? He almost won an Oscar for that role!

Luckily if the Tower Heist trailer is any indication, it seems like Murphy is back on top of his hilarious game as a charming ex-con in a (thankfully) adult action-comedy. Directed by Brett Ratner, the movie hints that we might even be seeing some hard-core flirtation with Gabourey Sidibe, which is clearly not for children.  The film also co-stars Ben Stiller and Matthew Broderick. Actually, it is nice to see all three of these leading men in a film that doesn’t involve talking museum exhibits or CGI mice or ogres voiced by Mike Myers. Though, okay, if the Klumps stop by and make a brief cameo, we can’t exactly going to complain or anything.


Don’t Worry, Ben Stiller Is Still Trying To Make Zoolander 2 Happen

You’re not alone: the would-be producers of Zoolander 2 also think Zoolander 2 would be awesome. Ben Stiller recently explained the hypothetical plot to Empire Magazine. “Ten years is a thousand years [in male modeling]. They’re both totally out of it and have to start from scratch…And then there are things set up at the end of the first movie that we’re able to build on, like Derek and Matilda have a son, and Mugatu went to jail. There’s a lot there, I’m excited about the idea of doing it. It feels like it’s getting close to going.” Added his partner Stuart Cornfeld, “It’s not just putting on those costumes again, it’s a great story to tell…We’ve got what I consider to be the best comedy script I’ve read in years and years, with jokes that haven’t been told before.”

While we’re definitely excited for a re-teaming of Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell set in Europe, it’s a little disconcerting that little has changed between this update and the one Stiller gave in January. Sure, the original film wasn’t a massive hit, but it’s done well enough on DVD that you’d think studio execs would be excited to hop aboard. Then again, Will Ferrell can’t get Anchorman 2 going either…are Frat Pack classics are the only things Hollywood doesn’t want to turn into a franchise?

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Jessica Alba:Little Fockers‘ Little Flapper

Between Dustin Hoffman cuddling his wife and precious child co-stars running around the red carpet, Jessica Alba had some serious competition for Cutest Thing At The Little Fockers NY Premiere. But thanks to her fringe-festooned Valentino dress, she still had no problem catching everyone’s eye.  The glittery gold heels were probably the only reason she didn’t bust out a Charleston. See more photos of Alba and her Fockers co-stars in the gallery below.