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Jennifer Lopez’s Former Driver Takes Her To Court, Sues Her For Unspecified Damages

Jennifer Lopez Sued By Ex-Driver

Jennifer Lopez is being taken to court by one of her ex-employees, for alleged wrongs perpetrated by her manager Benny Medina. The singer’s former driver, Hakob Manoukian, claims that he started working for her and then husband, Marc Anthony back in 2005 and that he was so genius at his job, and got on so well with the couple, that they asked Manoukian to become J.Lo’s Head of Security and Transportation. This meant closing down his own company so he could join her team, of course. The lawsuit also claims that Jennifer and he came to an agreement that his remuneration would hit an excess of $200,000 annually, so it was a big bump up.

So where does Benny Medina fit into this picture? Everywhere, apparently. Manoukian claims that Medina humiliated him all through the time J.Lo was filming What To Expect When You’re Expecting, as the manager and ex-driver ended up spending time together on the job. Medina claims that the man is just a “disgruntled employee who chose to quit,” but Manoukian has more serious allegations. He claims that the manager hated him as he was born in Iraq and made his life hell by yelling at him constantly and made fun of him in front of people and otherwise about the way he dressed.

To add insult to injury, the lawsuit states that Medina was directly responsible for the loss of Hakob’s promotion by making Jennifer take away his security responsibilities According to Hakob, he went back to square one of being just a driver, because of Medina’s interference and now he wants payback. No, seriously. He wants them to pay him back, hence he’s suing for unspecified damages! We don’t get how he can sue Jennifer from any of the stuff allegedly done by Medina, though? Shouldn’t he be suing Medina for that?

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