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A Final Bow: River Phoenix Is The Latest Star To Release A Posthumous Film

In the words of music legends The Kinks, celluloid heroes never really die. Too many of the best actors and actress have been taken from us far too soon, but thankfully these stars live on in their films. And strangely, some of them continue to produce work even after they’ve gone to the big expensive trailer in the sky. Earlier this week it was announced that River Phoenix’s unfinished last film Dark Blood is finally getting a release eighteen years after his passing. Head to the gallery below for more departed thespians who’ve had films released after their death.

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The Celebrity Death Rule Of Three: Who We’re Concerned About

Following the recent tragic loss of Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, there’s been a lot of tasteful talk about a Celebrity Death Trilogy. Much of the discussion revolves around Samuel L. Jackson, whose untimely passing would make the upcoming mortality-minded film Soul Men, starring Jackson, Mac and Hayes, mind-bogglingly eerie. But if there’s anyone we hope isn’t unduly superstitious, it would be retired CNN anchor Bernard Shaw.¬† Shaw’s departure would complete a Middle-Aged Black Male Celebrity triad¬† and put him alongside Mac and recently deceased comedy manager Bernie Brillstein in a trio of famous fallen Bernies. There’s also the unpleasant possibility that the grim reaper will get all Final Destination on Morgan Freeman for surviving his recent car accident. But that would be ridiculous.

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RIP Bernie Mac: Pneumonia Claims Comedy Star

It hurts us to report this sad news: Bernie Mac, the hilarious and irreverent King of Comedy, has died in Chicago. He was just 50 years old. The comedian passed away after complications with pneumonia, and had been hospitalized in stable condition as recently as last week. The Bernie Mac Show, which ran from 2001 to 2006, earned him a Peabody Award, and he appeared in numerous films including the Ocean’s 11 franchise, Guess Who and Bad Santa. Yet he remains best known (at least to us) for his amazing stand up comedy, in which no topic – including our favorite tale of his sister’s kids eating “cookies and sh*t” – was off limits. He will be sorely missed. [People]

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Medical Report: Morgan Freeman Hospitalized, Christina’s Cancer, Bernie Battling Pneumonia

They may make millions, but celebrities still suffer health scares just like everyone else. Here’s the latest Hollywood hospital visits on our radar:

1. Morgan Freeman is in serious condition after a car accident in Mississippi on Sunday in which his vehicle flipped and jaws of life had to be used to remove him. He’s currently being treated for a broken arm and a broken shoulder.

2. Christina Applegate has breast cancer, but it’s totally treatable and in the early stages. Her mom is also a breast cancer suvivor, and we trust that Kelly Bundy can kick that cancer’s ass.

3. Contrary to rumors alleging his death, Bernie Mac is indeed alive! However he’s “being treated in a Chicago hospital for pneumonia and is expected to make a full recovery,” says his rep. Stop your mourning already, people!